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Q: How do you solve w 13.12 plus 0.6215t 11.37v0.16 plus 0.3965tv0.16 where t is the temperature c and v is the wind speed kmh when t 6c and v 16 kmh by 1c?
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What does interate mean?

It is a word commonly used in Chemical Engineering. It means to iterate for a solution across an integral. For example, in adiabatic flame temperature calculations when given the generated enthalpy and asked to solve for final temperature. A chemical engineer must iterate to solve for the final temperature across the constant pressure heat capacity integral.

What is maxwell boltzmann law used for?

to solve questions relating average kinetic energy of molecules (gas) to temperature

How do you find the temperature if pressure is kept constant?

PV=nRt. If P is constant, get the value of V and solve for t.

How you can solve the program of temperature in Celsius and convert it into farennite?

This has been answered twice recently: F=1.8 C + 32

What are the possible causes of brief high temperature readings in your automobile?

If the temperature goes up and down and the coolant level is ok your thermostat is probably sticking. Replace the thermostat and you should solve the problem.

How do you solve stp?

To solve a Straight-Through Processing (STP) issue, you would need to identify the root cause of the problem first. This could involve looking at the workflow, systems, or communication channels in the process. Once you pinpoint the issue, you can implement corrective actions to streamline and automate the process for faster and more efficient processing. Testing and continuous monitoring are also essential to ensure that the STP solution works effectively.

Can you solve this ditloid 38 dc hter in gb?

38 Degrees Celsius Highest Temperature Ever Recorded in Great Britain

How do you solve temperature range of 810 degree Fahrenheit high and negative 290 degree Fahrenheit?

It is a range of 1100 Fahrenheit degrees.

Why does your computer shut down when you dont tell it to shut down?

Could be because of overheating - some motherboards have cutoffs when it reaches a certain temperature Simply adding an extra fan could solve the problem Could be because of overheating - some motherboards have cutoffs when it reaches a certain temperature Simply adding an extra fan could solve the problem

What is the temperature change when you heat water from 35 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius?

Please try to use your brain to solve simple questions such as this one. The change in temperature is simply 100 - 35 = 65 degrees Celsius.

When the temperature of the gas rises to 353 kelvins what is the volume of the gas?

That would also depend on the amount of gas. If you know the volume at a lower temperature, do a rule of three (for example, twice the temperature will cause twice the volume).

What is a nickname for solvent?

solve solve solve