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If you can subtract whole numbers you can subtract decimals. Forget about the decimal for a sec and subtract the numbers as if they were whole numbers.


-1.4 =1.1

hope this helps and if not Yahoo usually has good examples.

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Q: How do you subtract decimal numebrs?
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How do you subtract a bigger decimal from a smaller decimal?

Subtract the smaller one from the bigger one, and then put a minus sign before the answer.

A sentence for decimal?

My teacher taught us to subtract with decimal numbers.

How do you subtract a decimal from a fraction?

You can either convert the decimal to a fraction and then subtract (3/4 - 0.5 = 3/4 - 2/4 = 1/4), OR you can convert the fraction to a decimal and then subtract (3/4 - 0.5 = 0.75 - 0.5 = 0.25).

How do you take a half from a decimal number?

Subtract 0.5

Subtract. Write your answer as a decimal.8.79โˆ’4.07?


How do you subtract 0.5 from 0.05 how do you work it out it?

To subtract 0.5 from 0.05 first line up the decimal points in your equation. If you need to add a zero behind the 5 in 0.5 so you get 0.50. Then subtract as if there was no decimal point (take it as 50-5). After you subtract bring the decimal point down. You should end up with 0.45.

How do you subtract 2 binary numbers?

An easy way is to convert them to decimal, subtract, then convert the answer back to binary.

How do you calculate decimal range of temperature?

You record the temperatures as decimal numbers and subtract the smaller from the larger.

How do you subtract a percent from a whole number?

You have to turn the percentage into a decimal.

Explain why it is important to line up decimal numbers by their place value when you add or subtract them?

explain why it is important to line up decimal numbers by their place value when you add or subtract them

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