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if the question u are asking is something like this

1/2 - ( - 1/2 )

then the answer is simple

all you have to do is solve the equation

like this

1/2 - ( - 1/2 ) = 1/2 + 1/2 = 2/2 = 1

its the - (-1/2) that is important

remember the rule

minus and minus equal plus

plus and plus equal plus

minus and plus equal minus


and i hope it helps :)

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โˆ™ 2010-08-17 10:25:50
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Q: How do you subtract fractions with a negative fraction?
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How do you subtract fractions with negative fractions?

Subtracting a negative fraction is the same as adding its positive equivalent.

How do you subtract a negative fraction from a negative fraction?

In the same way that you would answer a fraction subtract another fraction. The result could be either positive or negative, just as is the case with negative whole numbers.

How do you subtract fractions when the in the second fraction is bigger than the numerator in the first?

You just go ahead. You will end up with a negative answer.

How do you subtract negative fractions?

that's what she said

How do you subtract whole numbers with fractions?

Turn the proper fraction into an improper fraction.

How do you subtract fractions with mixed numbers?

change the mixed # into a fraction

How do you subtract a negative fraction from another negative fraction?

i think you just add it and put the negative sign in front of it

How do you multiply a negative fraction and a positive fraction?

The same as any two fractions. In this case, the answer will be negative.

How do you subtract fractions using diagrams?

Pie charts make nice fraction diagrams. Each fraction that you subtract is equivalent to taking out a slice of pie.

What is the meaning of addition and subtraction of similar fraction?

Similar fractions are fractions with the same denominator. In order to add or subtract fractions they need to be similar.

How so you subtract fractions?

You have to get common denominators and then subtract the biggest numerator (top number) by the smallest, you may have to cnacel the fraction down to get the smallest possible fraction

How do you you reduce a fraction with a negative number as a numerator?

Reduce it as you would normally, negative fractions are no different to positive fractions. Also, it doesn't matter which of the numerator or denominator are negative, as long as when it is reduced the fraction is negative overall.

How do you subtract mixed numbers and improper fractions.?

First you would want to change the mixed number to an improper fraction. Then you can subtract

How do you add or subtract fractions when negative?

The same as with positive ones. Make sure they have the same denominator and add or subtract their numerators.

How do you subtract mixed fractions when they have the same denominator?

The numerator of the answer is the result of subtracting the numerators of the fractions, and the denominator of the fraction is the same as the common denominator.

What are negative fractions?

A fraction with a value of less than zero.

How do you divide with a negative fraction?

Divide as you would divide positive fractions. That is, convert both fractions to positive, then do the division. After that, apply the rules for dividing positive and negative numbers. For example, if one of the fractions is positive and the other negative, the answer will be negative.

Why does the equivalent fraction make adding and subtracting fractions easier?

You cannot add or subtract fractions with different denominators. If the denominators are different then you need to work with equivalent fractions.

How do you add and subtract frations with a whole number with a fraction?

Express the mixed fraction as an improper fraction and then proceed as you would with ordinary fractions. If the answer is an improper fraction, then remember to convert to a mixed fraction.

How do you add and subtract unlike positive and negative fractions?


When you subtract two fraction the answer is?

It can be a negative or positive fraction, a negative or positive integer, or zero.

How do you find the difference between two mixed fractions?

Subtract the smaller fraction from the larger one.

One may add subtract multiply and divide fractions once one has found?

A fraction!

What is a subtracting mixed number?

Subtracting a mixed number is just subtracting fractions but with a whole number by a fraction. To subtract tun the mixed numbers into improper fractions and find the common denominator. Then you subtract the numerators.

Is a fraction greater than a negative number?

A negative and a fraction are both less than one. A fraction is a negative. When you order fractions and negatives greatest to least just put the negative first.