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What you are referring to is the ski "structure." your best bet is to take your skis to a professional shop and have the bases stone ground. You can do it yourself - at your own peril - by doing the following. First, check that your skis are flat across the base. Use a straight edge, check for high spots. Use a scraper to smooth down any uneven areas, or use a file. But make sure this is just a small amount, and be careful not to go completely through the base plastic. Next, take some sandpaper...150 grit. Wrap it around a wood block, and make long straight sweeping passes from tip to tail. Straight, smooth, one direction, straight passes. Do not rub back and forth. You are trying to create tiny grooves in the base. 4-6 passes should do it. Repeat the process with 220 grit sandpaper. 6-8 passes should do it. Rub off the resulting hairs of plastic (you can't see them, but they'll be there) with a plastic scrubby, like you would wash dishes with. Scrungee is one brand, ScotchBrite is another. Now you're ready to sharpen and wax, and you'll be set for the cold part of winter. As the snow warms and gets wet in spring, you can redo the structure with a rougher grit (bigger grooves) more info:

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Q: How do you surface downhill ski bases?
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skiing downhill is much faster. An pro skiier will achieve speeds of up to 80mph on a typical downhill course. The current downhill ski record stands at just over 151mph

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No, the ski format is used with skins to climb up mountains, not for going downhill. You go downhill in board format. Then back up again in skins with ski format.

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The spelling of the term is "schuss" meaning a straight downhill snow ski run, or to ski down one.

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The combined time of the slalom and downhill race.

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Downhill skiing consists of four main events which include Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom, and Downhill. The different between these events is the placement of the gates. You also wear different gear and use different length skis for each event. Slalom - This event is when the ski gates are the closest together. Ski racers quickly navigate through the ski course. The ski gates "breakaway" as the ski racer hits them with their shin and/or arm as they ski by them. The reason ski racers hit the ski gates is to try to ski the straightest line possible down the ski slope. The straighter the line, the faster you go and the faster your run time. Ski racers bring the tip of their ski close to the ski gate and sometimes catch their ski tip and spin out. Ski racers were shin, arm, and hand guards plus a protective helmet. Giant Slalom has the gates farther apart then slalom. Ski racers do not hit the gates like they do in slalom. Therefore, they tend to wear less guards. However, a helmet is still required. Super Giant Slalom and the Downhill, in addition to Slalom and Giant Slalom, are usually done in professional ski racing or at Junior Olympic ski races for aspiring professional ski racers. The length of skis varies from year to year. Typically, though, slalom requires a much shorter ski then giant slalom. Super Giant Slalom and the Downhill require longer skis. Ski racers usually wear skin tight "GS" suits in a range of wild colors. I know because I used to compete in downhill ski racing.

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Have you ever been skiing and fallen, crashed, or "had a yard sale" as they typically call it in downhill ski racing? It can hurt. Downhill ski racers can reach alarming speeds and need protective between their bodies and the hard, ice and snow beneath them. Ski racers have always been known to be a little crazy, which is true because they can fall so hard that their skis break in half! Downhill ski racers wear helmets because concussions used to be a common occurence. A ski racer might catch a tip on a ski gate and fall head first down the hill. You pick up speed when you are sliding down the steep hill of ice and sometimes crash into other people, equipments, and trees. Yes, it is crazy! If you don't wear a helmet you also risk scratching up and bruising your face on the ski gates, your skis, ski poles, and the ski hill itself. It can be a mess. So downhill ski racers wear a helmet to protect their noggin! So they don't become a dumb a like you ,,....,,,..,.

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Ski goggles protect you from both the sun's glare off the snow and snow, sleet, or another kind of precipitation from getting in your eye. Snow is the 3rd most reflective surface and ski goggles take the place of sunglasses. Also when you ski snow or other precipitation can fly into your face and ski goggles can protect you from this getting in your eyes.

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It totally depends on the size. I'd think the average 165cm ski is 14-15lbs per pair, with bindings.

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Its very simply about the angle of the arm when you hold your ski pole upside down, see the link below.

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