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She'll be pacing around and squatting as if she's straining. She'll usually repeat this until the egg has come out. If she's a free-range chicken, she may either go off and find a hiding place somewhere in the bush or by the chicken coop or barn and lay her egg there.

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Q: How do you tell if a hen is ready to lay an egg?
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Why would a hen lay in a nest for days without laying an egg?

They are getting ready to have it.

Can you unscramble an egg?

Feed it to a laying hen. Wait a couple days. She'll lay a new egg.

What can lay a egg?

A hen,a duck

Does a hen have to mate before she can lay an egg?


When is the chicken going to lay an egg?

Usually, a hen will lay an egg six months after it has hatched.

My hen laid her life's 1st egg yesterdayAgain when she will lay her 2nd egg?

It all depends on the hen herself.

What is a ready to lay pullet?

its relly a hen that's going to lay really?:)

Is a rooster necessary for the hen o lay an egg?


Can a white hen lay a white egg one day and then a brown egg another day?

I don't believe so. I can normally tell what chicken layed what egg by what color it is.

What name is given to a hen ready to lay eggs?

Point of Lay (abbr. POL)

Where did the egg come from?

The hen, or the reptile. both lay eggs.

How many eggs will a first time hen lay?

an egg a day