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A number cannot have a volume.

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Q: How do you tell the volume of a number?
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What is the height of a rectangular prism with a volume of 240 cubic inches?

Knowing the volume doesn't tell you what any of the dimensions has to be. There are an infinite number of different possibilities that all have the same volume.

How to tell which has bigger volume?

You can tell which container has a bigger volume by using arithmetic solutions to calculate its volume.

What are the dimensions of a 1.2 cubic foot box in inches?

You can't tell the dimensions from the volume. There are an infinite number of different sets of dimensions that all have the same volume.

What are the dimensions if the volume 48?

The volume doesn't tell the dimensions. It doesn't even tell the shape.

How do you find dimensions of cylinder only knowing volume?

You can't. There are an infinite number of cylinders with different dimensionsthat all have the same volume, so the volume alone isn't enough informationto tell you the dimensions.

What does temperature tell us about particles of matter?

pressure that you can see there,the volume of the gas in degress kelvin , and the number of molecules that you are now...

Mass divide by volume?

you tell me

What are unit for volume?

i dont know you tell me

How do you explain volume to kids?

Tell how to use volume then say what to do. Try to be as simple as possible.

If you were to measure the mass and the volume of a material, what would the mass to volume ratio tell you about it?

Its density.

What are the dimensions of 216 cm3?

You can't tell. The volume doesn't tell you the dimensions, and there are an infinite number of possibilities. The only thing you know for sure is that when you multiply the three dimensions together, the product is 216.

What does the property of volume tell you about an object?

it can tell you about the size, shape and color of the object.

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