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Easy. 1 meter per second is equal to 3.6 kilometers per hour. So, m/s x 3.6 = kph

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Q: How do you transfer meter per second into kilometer per hour?
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How do you convert meter by second to kilometers by hours?

(P meter/second) x (1 kilometer/1,000 meters) x (3,600 second/hour) = 3.6 P kilometer/hour

What is 846 kilometers per hour when it is meters per second?

1 kilometer = 1000 meter 1 hour = 3600 seconds 846 kilometer/hour x 1 hour/3600 seconds x 1000 meter/kilometer = 235 meters/second you may try the online converter linked below

How do you change kilometer per hour to meter per second?

eg: 56.789km - 5678900

Conversion of kilometer per hour into meter per second?

The conversion factor for converting from km per hour to meters per second is 0.2778km/h x 0.2778 = meters per second

Convert 300 kilometer per hour to meter per second?

300 kph = 83.3333333 meters / second ( 83 1/3 )

4.5 meters in 9 second how fast in kilometer per hour?

4.5 meters in 9 second how fast in kilometer per hour?

A man's running speed is 10 meter per second. What is his speed in kilometer per hour?

10 x 3600/1000 ie 36kph.

How do you convert meter per seconds into kilometer per hour?

The conversion factor is 3.6. So, meters per second x 3.6 = kph.

Meter per hour to meter per second?

0.0002777 meter per second

How do you convert meter per second squared to km per hour squared?

1 kilometer = 1,000 meters 1 hour = 3,600 seconds 1 meter/sec2 = (1 meter/sec2) x (1 kilometer/1,000 meters) x (3,6002 sec2/hr2) = 12,960 km/hr2 1 km/hr2 = 7.716 x 10-5 meter/sec2

Is 50 kilometers per hour less than 139 centimeters per second?

(139 centimeters/second) x (3,600 second/hour) x (meter/100 centmeters) x (kilometer/1,000 meters) =5.004 kilometers/hour.That's less than 50 kilometers per hour.

What is one meter per second in kilometres per hour?

1 meter per second = 3.6 kilometers per hour