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Use a protractor and each trisected angle will measure 18 degrees and 20 minutes

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Q: How do you trisect an angle of 55 degree?
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What is the coplement of a 55 degree angle?

The complement of a 55 degree angle is a 35 degree angle

If I have an answer to the trisect any angle geometry question how can I discover if I am right or wrong?

First things first, the actual statement isn't "you can't trisect an angle" but rather "you can't trisect one with only a compass and straightedge." Some angles can be easily trisected--a 90-degree angle trisects into 30-degree segments-but to do it you need a protractor. Anyway, to check your work measure the angle you trisected and divide by three. If your trisections match, you got it right.

How would you find the degree of an angle of a parrelogram if one angle is 55 degree?

The angle opposite the 55 degree angle will also be 55 degrees. The other two angles will each measure 180 - 55 = 125 degrees.

How do you make 55 degree angle with using compass and ruler?

First draw a 90 degree angle .Than draw a 20 degree angle from that 90 degree angle . Than the rest of the angle will be 90-20=70 .Now bisect the 70 degree angle we will get 70/2=35. Now add the rest of the angle means 35+20 =55 GOT 55 DEGREE ANGLE

What is a 55 degree angle?


When you trisect an angle you divide it into how many equal pieces?

3. trisect means three

When you trisect a right angle you first construct what kind of triangle?

To trisect a right angle form an equilateral triangle with one vertex at the right angle and then bisect that angle of the equilateral triangle. (It is impossible to trisect a general angle using only compass and straight edge - the right angle is a specific exception.)

What is a 55 degree angle called?

That's an acute angle.

When you trisect an angle how many equal pieces do you cut it in to?

Three ! The answer is in the question !

If a triangle has an angle A equals 70 degrees and angle B equals 55 degree what is angle C?

55 degrees.

What is the complement of a 55 degree angle?

A pair of complementary angles sum up to 90 degrees. In this instance, the complement of a 55-degree angle is 90 - 55 = 35 degrees.

An angle that measures 55 degree is a what angle?

An angle measuring 55 degrees is an acute angle since it is measures less than 90 degrees.