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55 degrees.

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Q: If a triangle has an angle A equals 70 degrees and angle B equals 55 degree what is angle C?
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If a triangle has an angle A equals 60.5 degree and angle b equals 69.5 degrees what is angle C?

Angle C = 50 degrees. ------------------------------- A triangle equals 180 degrees. 60.5 + 69.5 = 150 180-150 = 50.

If A triangle has one eighty degree angle and another sixty degree angle how many degrees is the third angle?

The sum of the angles in a triangle equals 180, so the third angle is forty degrees. JTPaulson

In a right triangle with the hypotenuse c equals 10 and the angle A equals 50 degrees the angle B equals?

In a right triangle with the hypotenuse c equals 10 and the angle A equals 50 degrees the angle B equals: 40 degrees.

What is the angle of a triangle?

The sum of a triangle equals 180 degrees

If Angle A equals 83 degrees and angle B equals 15 degrees find angle C?

82 degrees (180 degrees in a triangle)

What is the thirty degree sixty and degree right triangle theorem?

If the triangle has a 30 degree angle and a 60 degree angle then the 3rd angle must be a 90 degree angle because there are 180 degrees in a triangle and so therefore it is a right angle triangle.

What is a triangle with angle of 37 degree's and 75 degree's?

The third angle is 68 degrees which makes it a scalene triangle

To the nearest degree find the measure of angle b in triangle abc given measure of angle a equals 48degrees ac equals 62cm and ab equals 61cm?

67 degrees

What triangle that contains only one angle that equals 90 degrees?

A right angle triangle

If angle A in a triangle is 60 degrees and angle B is 20 degrees what is the degree of angle C?


Right triangle 140 degree angle?

In a right triangle the greatest angle is 90 degrees.

What is an Right Triangle?

a TRIANGLE THAT HAS A 90 DEGREE ANGLE A right triangle is a triangle that has exactly 90 degrees for one angle.

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