How do you use a caculator?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Well first you type in the numbers you need then you type in the symbol you need.

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Q: How do you use a caculator?
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What is 78.44 divided by 74?


What are computation methods?

Use a caculator

How often do you use a caculator?

As often as you need to.

Can you use a caculator?

Some Sites that you can use as caculator on are, basic use a caculator on google ,aol ,yahoo ,or ,msn, search. Sincerly, CaculatorAcademy

What is 999999 times 2?

Use your caculator, furbrain!

What do you get when you use your caculator to divide 84 by 14?

I get 6.

You use this to work out sums what is it?

addition.. (+) operand, caculator..

What is 64 plus 16?

use a caculator 80

What is a solar caculator?

A solar caculator is a caculator that uses solar power energy to work.

What is minus 6 plus 9?

its -3. you can also use a caculator to find out

What is 60 percent of 7100?

Use a caculator. Because I.D.K. and it's not important.

What did the Einstein caculator do?

the einstein caculator was used to figure out very trick mathletics.