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two one fourth the two is bigger than the one fourth so it comes last and the one fourth comes first.

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Q: How do you use a number line for two and one fourth?
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What number comes next 2 12 1112 31112 132112 1113122112 311311222112?

13211321322112 This line describes the last line. Each two digits describes how often a number repeats. One three, two one's, one three, two one's, three two's, three two's, two one's, one two. The problem with the sequence provided is the fourth set where there has been a typo (31112) should be (3112).

What is the relationship between a number line and multiplacation?

Do you mean a line number and multiplication? A line number is a single number and a multiplication is two numbers multiplied. One and one is two. 1X2 is 3

How many eighths equals one fourth?

There are two eights in one fourth.

What is eighteen eighths as a mixed number?

Two and one fourth

What number is two-thirds of one-half of one-fourth of 240?


What are two number names of a quarter?

one fourth. ot .25

Two and one-fourth into a mix number?

2 1/4 already is a mixed number.

What is the definition of fourth?

When you have a number of things, the 'fourth' is number four. So if you have something in a certain order, if you count one two three four, then number four would be the forth.

How do you find the one fourth half and three fourth of two numbers?

one fourth: divide the number by 4, or multiply it by 0.25half: divide the number by 2, or multiply it by 0.5 three fourths: multiply the answer to the first by 3, or multiply the original number by 0.75

What is a two digit number that is one third of the number is 7 more than one fourth of the number and the first digit is twice the second digit and the sum of the digits is a two digit number?


What fraction is between one fourth and two fifths?

There are an infinite number of fractions between these two numbers

What is two and one-fourth as a decimal?

two and one-fourth as a decimal = 2.25

How will you arrange integers on a number line?

easy as one two three

What is equal to one-fourth?

One Fourth is equal to two eighths.

What is one fourth times one fourth?

Two fourth which is also called one half

What is eight and two fourths minus by two and one fourth?

The answer is six and one fourth

How does the sign of a determine the number of real fourth roots of a and the number of real fifth roots of a?

If "a" is positive, it will have two fourth roots, one will be positive and one will be negative it will have one fifth root, which will be positive. If "a" is negative, it will have one fourth root, which will be negative. it will have one fifth root, which will be negative.

What is one fourth plus two fourth?

3 fourth

Is one fourth equivalent to two eight?

Yes. One fourth is equivalent to two eighths.

What is one fourth equal to?

One Fourth is equal to two eighths.

What is 1 fourth plus 2 fifths?

The key to answering this question is to find your "lowest common denominator." (The denominator is the number below the line of the fraction.) If you multiply the denominators of the two fractions (4 and 5) you will come up with a common denominator (20). That will usually be your lowest common denominator. Then multiply each numerator (the number above the line of the fraction) by the denominator of the other fraction. The numerator of one-fourth is 1; the denominator of two-fifths is 5. Therefore, multiply 1 x 5 and you get 5. The numerator of two-fifths is 2; the denominator of one-fourth is 4. Therefore, multiply 2 x 4 and you get 8. Finally, add the results of your calculations: 5 + 8 = 13 Your new numerator is 13 and your new denominator is 20.

What fraction is between one fourth and one fifth?

One way to get a number between two numbers - specifically, the number that is exactly in the middle between both - is to take the average of the two numbers. Just add the two numbers, and divide the result by 2.

What is three and one halve minus two and one fourth?

the answer is one and one fourth

Is two third less than one fourth?

no two thirds is more than one fourth

What is the decimal answer for two and one fourth?

The decimal answer for two and one fourth (2 1/4) is 2.25