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You add two zeros at the end of the answer 80*90=7200

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Q: How do you use a shortcut to multiply tens by tens?
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What shortcut can you use to multiply ones by tens?

Just add a zero behind the number. (8 x 10 = 80)

What do you do to change tens into hundreds?

You multiply by 10.

How many tens are there in a hundred ninety two thousand?

simple. just multiply 192,000 by 10=1,920,000 tens

What is the answer to how can you use multiplying by tens to find the product of 82x40?

There are 4 tens in 40. If you multiply 82 by ten four times, you'll get the answer. 820 + 820 + 820 + 820 = 3280 82 x 40 = 3280

When can cross multiply be used as a shortcut to the solution while solving rational expressions?

in division

Double your tens digit to get your ones digits?

That means multiply it by 2. If your tens digit is 3, your ones digit is 6.

How many tens are in 20,000 (PLEASE HELP ME! MY WORK IS DUE IN 15 MIN)?

With the number 20,000, you can organize it into 2(10)(10)(10)(10), which gives you four tens. You can also do this with a shortcut: count the zeros.

What keyboard shortcut do you use to rename a selected item?

press F2 for rename shortcut

Why would you use an emoticon?

its a shortcut

Why would you use emoticons?

its a shortcut

What is the shortcut for the command find in Microsoft Word?

Use the Ctrl + F shortcut key combination.

What is a shortcut for determining the surface area of a sphere if you know its volume?

multiply V by 3 then divide by 4pi , find the cube root of this, then square it and multiply by 4 pi