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A decagon has 10 sides and 10 angles.

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Q: How do you use decagon in a sentence?
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Can you use decagon and decapod in the same sentence?

That triangle needs 7 more sides and angles to be a decagon!

How can you do a decagon sentence?

pyramid has ten sides and ten angles

How many Acute angles does a decagon have?

It depends on whether or not the decagon is a perfect decagon or a complex decagon. However, a perfect decagon has no acute angles.

What do you call a 10 side polygon?


What shape has 10 verticies?


What is a 10 sided polygon called?

The anwser is a Decagon.

Is a decagon guadrilateral?

No, a decagon is not a quadrilateral.

What is a ten sided shaped called?

Decogon * * * * * A decagon, actually.

Is a star a pentagon or a decagon?

it's a decagon.

Can a decagon tile?

yes a decagon can tile!!!!!!!!!!

What part of speech is decagon?

Decagon is a noun.

What is a Polygon with 10 sides?