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How do you use math as a teacher?

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All teachers use math to figure out grades and percentages on papers

2009-09-17 23:31:42
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What is a job that doesnt use math?

A math teacher

What is that use number?

Math Teacher

Do math teacher use coordinte planes?


How can you use teacher in a sentence?

you could say: My math teacher is very strict.

How does a math teacher use math?

To enlighten and inform the future mathematicians of the world. They USE a TEACHER'S math BOOK that has ALL the answers with it.

How is math used in a math teacher?

In that form math is an adjective describing teacher. Sometimes it helps to ask a question such as this: What kind of teacher? Math teacher. .

How much math is used to be a math teacher?

To become a teacher, not just a math teacher, you have to go to college for years.

Use in a sentence with explain?

the teacher explained the math problem

What are some jobs that use algebraic expressions?

A math teacher!

What does a math teacher does?

They teach math. by the way the ? should be ''What does a teacher do?"

What do you call a person that teaches math?

um, a math teacher

What pays more math teacher or music teacher?

a math teacher ha ha

How does a singer use math?

Everyone uses math for something! Don't u listen to ur teacher?!?!

How does teacher use math?

The teacher use math to teach use all and stay smart all the time. but to me is not so good since i get a bad head ach all the time. hwFUYFHJKJK˜HUHIN:8H F8huhuiiigsjus.jbsnkrsjknrj

How do you use the word discuss in a sentence.?

I did discuss the answer with my teacher. The answer before was discussing so I changed it. The teacher discussing the math with another teacher

What kind of math does a math teacher use?

Well it actually depends on the level of the grade. For example if the grade is 1st grade then the teacher will teach 1st grade math. If its 6th grade or 7th grade the teacher will probably start to teach algebra.

What is the history of math matrices?

ask history teacher or math teacher

How can you use concise in a sentence?

My math teacher is very concise when she is teaching.

How can math be applied to Teaching? bout a math teacher lol i hate math but still lol you can be a math teacher

Is math a profession?

No, but Math Teacher is.

Is a math teacher a mathematecian?

No. A mathmatecian is similar to a Math Teacher, but, most math teachers only teach a section of all math.

How do you make pie grafs?

ask a math teacher ask a math teacher

How do you become a math teacher?

you become a math teacher by gettung your collage degree

What math skills do you need to be a math teacher?

As many as your teacher (tee- hee).

Can math teacher teach physics?

yes a math teacher can teach physics