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I drank a litre of milk yesterday.

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Q: How do you use metric units in a sentence?
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How are metric units of measurement used in the laboratory?

base on what you measure to use the metric units.

How do you change the units in the metric system?

How do you change metric units?

What do you use to convert customary units and metric units?

You use conversion factors.

Are metric units used by scientist?

Oh yes, scientists only use metric SI units.

Why do we prefer to use metric units of measurements over English units of measurements?

Metric units of measurement are more fun to say.

What is metric unit is?

What metric unit would you use to measure a computer keyboard

What metric units does a ruler use?


What does dm stand for in metric units?

dm is a metric units of measure the world noway days use! dm = decimeters

What metric units do you use for temperature?

Degrees Celsius.

What are the units you use on a metric ruler?

meters duu

Why are metric units so easy to use?

they aren't!

What is the difference between the US Customary System and the Metric System?

The customary units are ones we use everyday. metric units usually have the word meter on it. my teacher taught me meter metric no meter no metric.