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base on what you measure to use the metric units.

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Q: How are metric units of measurement used in the laboratory?
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Metric units of measurement?

Some common metric units of measurement are kilometers, meters, and centimeters. Many of the units used in the metric system are part of the SI international system of units used in the sciences.

What units of measurement are used by scientist worldwide?

The metric system

What are kilograms used for?

They are units of quantitative measurement for mass. They are used in the metric system; other mass measurement units are grams, milligram, &c.

What System of Measurement was used before the International System of Units?


What units of distance measurement are used in Ukraine?

Metric units. Certainly they can make conversions, but Ukraine is working to get into the EU. And the EU has standards. One is the metric system.

When do you use killameters?

Yall, kilometers are used when using metric units of measurement. typical usages are in the military and in metric countries

What are the units of measurement used by scientists?

Most sciences employ the metric system of measurement. In fact, most of the world in general uses the metric system.Technically, the standard set of units most often used is called SI units, although many of them are similar to the metric system. See the Related Questions link for all the SI units.

What four common metric units are used to measure length?

The metric system has many units to measure length. Four common units of measurement are the millimeter, centimeter, meter, and kilometer.

What is the advantage of the metric system?

it is a unit of measurement that is easy to convert and is used world wide so if you take a measurement in china with the metric units it will equal the same in America.Lauren :)

What is the standard metric unit used for types of measurement?

There are several standard metric units, for measuring different things.There are several standard metric units, for measuring different things.There are several standard metric units, for measuring different things.There are several standard metric units, for measuring different things.

What are metric units used for?

metric units are used for everything in Canada

What is the unit measurement for metric?

The currently used metric system, called SI, has 7 base units (meter, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, candela, mole), and many derived units.

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