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The rational fraction, one third, can be represented as a non terminating decimal, with the digit 3 repeating for ever.

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Q: How do you use non terminating decimal in a sentence?
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How do you use terminating decimal in a sentence?

terminating decimal is when the quotient has the remainder of zero.

How do you use terminating in a sentence?

Who are you terminating terminator.

How do you use a terminating decimal in real life?

When solving a math problem

If a non-terminating decimal that is not a fraction is called irrational what do you call a non-terminating decimal that is a ratio of rational numbers such as 1 over 7?

It is called a rational number. The rational numbers are closed under the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (not dividing by 0). The fact that it is not terminating is not important at all. In fact, if we use other bases besides base 10, we will see that the set of numbers that are rational or irrational doesn't change. However, if we use another base, for example base 3, then the number 1/3 in base 3 can be represented with a terminating "decimal" (technically not decimal). The set of rational numbers that have terminating "decimals" depends on the base.

How can you use place value to write a terminating decimal as a fraction with a power of ten in the deminator?

Finding a place value in a terminating decimal is easy. When placing the decimal always remember to place it at the tenth.

What jobs use terminating decimals?

All jobs will use terminating decimals but most jobs will also require you to be able to work with recurring decimals and many will need decimal numbers which are neither terminating nor recurring.

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How do you use a decimal in a sentence?

To change a decimal into a percent, move the decimal point two places to the right and add the percent sign to the right of the numbers.

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