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A negative number multiplied by a negative number will yield a positive number.

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Q: How do you use positive number in a sentence?
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How do you use positive in a sentence?

positive thinking will help you to succeed

How do you use a positive number to get a negative number?

Multiply the positive number by any negative number and it will result in a negative number.

Why is it not acceptable to use two negative adverbs in the same sentence?

Because it will make your sentence positive.

How many three digit numbers add up to 17?

An infinite number if you can use positive and negative numbers.

How do you use positive growth in a sentence?

The small business sector showed positive growth in the third quarter report.

How do you use negative in a sentence?

Every battery has a negative and a positive side.

How do use ' alleviate' in a sentence?

Working out is a positive way to alleviate stress.

Would you use a positive or negative number to represent the velocity of a descending hot-air balloon?

I don't think velocity can be a negative number... Use positive.

Input a number and find whether it is positive or negative?

Placing a question mark at the end of a statement does not make it a sensible question. Try to use a whole sentence to describe what it is that you want answered.Yes, it is possible to input a number and find whether it is positive or negative. Yes, it is possible to write an algorithm to do that. But what is it that you want?

How would you use aspect in a sentence?

If you want success look for the positive aspect.

Use a mind set in a sentence?

She didn't always have a positive mind set.

How do you use the word criticize in a sentence?

When you criticize someone, it is important to do it in a positive way.

Can you use composite number in a sentence?

Nine is a composite number.

How do you use the word move in a sentence?

The move by the opposition on Healthcare yielded positive result.

How do you use optimist in compound sentence?

She's a positive optimist but her husband is a big pessimist.

What is a apossitive sentence?

A positive sentence brings the positive out of the context. Everything will be all right is an example of sentence.

What are the rules fr multiplication and divisions of integers?

(positive number) x (positive number) = positive number (positive number)/(positive number) = positive number (positive number) x ( negative number) = negative number (positive number)/( negative number) = negative number (negative number) x (negative number) = positive number (negative number)/(negative number) = positive number

How do you use zwitterion in a sentence?

A zwitterion is a ion that has both a positive and a negative charge. To use it in a sentence, you might say that "a zwitterion is basically a hybrid ion that you may learn about when you study physics."

How would you use number in a sentence?

Sorry, I was thinking of a lower number.

Can you use haploid in a sentence?

The haploid number is the number of chromosomes in a gamete.

When a negative number is subtracted from a positive number is the difference always positive?

Yes, a negative number subtracted from a positive number will always be positive. Subtracting a negative number is the same as adding the opposite of the negative number. The opposite of a negative number is always positive. A positive number plus a positive number is always positive.

How do you use image in a sentence?

I have a positive body image, because I do not think I am too fat or skinny.

Use retrospective in a sentence?

The process of retrospective review has produced positive results.

Why does a positive number minus a negative number equal a positive number?

Because minus a negative number is equivalent to plus a positive number. So, in effect, you have a positive number plus a positive number and that is going to be positive.

What is a positive number divided by a positive number?

a positive number..