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Placing a question mark at the end of a statement does not make it a sensible question. Try to use a whole sentence to describe what it is that you want answered.Yes, it is possible to input a number and find whether it is positive or negative. Yes, it is possible to write an algorithm to do that. But what is it that you want?

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Input a number and find whether it is positive or negative?
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Draw a flow-chart to count how many of 10 input numbers are positive negative and zero?

draw a flow chart to input ten number and count the positive negative and zero

What are positive and negative feedback mechanisms?

When the positive differential input terminal of an OP AMP is linked to the output, we have positive feedback and when the negative differential input terminal is linked to the output , we have negative feedback.

Definition of negative feedback and positive feedback?

A: Any feedback that contributes to the input is positive feedback any feedback that subtract from the input is negative feedback

What is the difference between the positive clipper and negative clipper?

Positive clipper-the clipper which removes the positive half cycles of the input voltage, while the negative clipper the clipper which removes the negative half cycles of the input voltage.

What are the ideal op-amp approximations?

Ideal op amp approximations: -no current goes into the positive or negative input of the op amp. -The open loop gain is infinite. -Voltage at positive input is the same as the negative input.

What is signum function?

That is a function defined as: f(x) = -1 if x is negative f(x) = 0 if x is zero f(x) = 1 if x is positive In other words, a function that basically distinguishes whether the input is positive, negative, or zero.

Program to find whether the given number is positive or negative or zero?

in what languange? I assume it's TI-Basic (or something else)TI-Basic:input Aif A < 0thendisp "Negative"elseif A > 0thendisp "Positive"elseif A = 0thendisp"zero"endor PHP:$a = $_POST['input'];if ($a < 0) {echo $a . " is smaller then one, meaning it's a negative number.";} else if ($a > 0) {echo $a . " is bigger then one, meaning it's a positive number.";} else {echo $a . " is a zero"}I'm sure you can convert it to c++ or something else. It's as simple as that!

How do you square root a negative number?

There are no real answers for a square root of a negative number. Try it on a good scientific calculator (some calculators simply square root the positive, ignoring the negative input), and it should come up with a math error.

What is meant by a reasonable domain and range?

Recall that domain is the input of a function, and the range is the output. If the value for the input (domain) represents the height of a person, it would not be reasonable to use a negative number for the input because this would indicate a negative height. That would not be realistic or negative. Some events would be reasonable or realistic if a negative number would be used as a valid time input and some events would not. For example, a negative time may represent the time before blastoff, but a negative time would not be realistic if it was used to represent the time you spent on homework last week. Only zero or a positive number would be realistic, therefore the reasonable domain would be non-negative numbers (positive numbers and zero).

How do you write a program that asks a user to enter a list of integers placing positive and negative integers into separate arrays and output both arrays?

#include#include#include#includeusing namespace std;string ask(string prompt){string input;coutinput)return(input);return(0);}bool ask_yn(std::string prompt){while(1){string input = ask(prompt);if( input.size() && input.size()

A circuit that adds a positive or negative dc voltage to an input sine wave is called?


If both inputs of an op amp are connected to positive voltages what will the output be if the positive input has 7V and negative input has 5V?

It will be pegged to the positive rail. The only time the output of an op amp is between the rails is when the two inputs are equal, within the offset error of the op amp. You are describing an open loop condition and, unless there is a 2V offset error, the output will be pegged; in this case to the positive rail since the positive input is greater than the negative input. Also, the answer depends on whether or not the inputs are within range. If, for instance, the op amp used +/- 5V as its power, then the 7V input would be out of range, and the op amps behavior might be unpredictable. (It might lockup, it might be destroyed, etc.)

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