How do you use sohcahtoa?

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sohcahtoa SOH|CAH|TOA

S= O opposite over hypotenuse



C=A adjacent over hypotenuse



T=O opposite over adjacent



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Q: How do you use sohcahtoa?
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How do you find cosine of angle?

use the SohCahToa method

How do you describe a vector as an ordered pair?

Use SOHCAHTOA, then cross multiply and divide.

What is a roundworms symmetry?


How To Use SohCahToa?

Sin= Opposite/Hypotenuse Cos= Adjacent/Hypotenuse Tan= Opposite/Adjacent

What is the length of the longest side in an isosceles right triangle?

The longest length would be the hypotenuse. You can use SOHCAHTOA to find the length.

How to remember SOHCAHTOA?

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How do you find an unknown angle of a triangle without having a length of one of the sides using sohcahtoa?

If you have the length of two of the sides and one other angle you can use the law of sines.

What is the rule of trigonometry?

Just remember SOHCAHTOA, SOH is using the sine, only use this when you have the Hypotenuse and the Opposite. Sin(a)= O/H CAH is using the cosine, only use this when you have the Hypotenuse and Adjasent. Cos(a)=A/H TOA is using the tangent, only use this when you have the Opposite and Adjasent. Tan(a)=O/A

What is sahcahtoa?

Sohcahtoa is an abbreviation (SOH) sine opposite hypotenuse (CAH) cosine adjacent hypotenuse (TOA) tangent opposite adjacent.

How do you solve sohcahtoa?

It means for any right angle triangle:- sine = opposte/hypotenuse cosine = adjacent/hypotenuse tangent = opposite/adjacent

What is tan on a scientific calculator?

It is a trigonometric equation for a right triangle, to find a non-right-angle angle. Using SOHCAHTOA, it is the opposite side divided by the adjacent angle

What is the description of graphical methods of finding the resultant of two or more vectors?

You can use the component method for finding two or more vectors. Use the X and Y axis. Ex. If you have 5 vectors given-Draw a cartesian plane for every vectors-Get the equivalent value of X and Y for Every vectors(use the SOHCAHTOA rules).-Get the summation of X and Y then use Phythagorean Theorem. For finding the Angle, use the Tan theta. Save

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