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  1. Use the parallelogram method to add two of the vectors to create a single vector for them;
  2. Now use this vector with another of the vectors to be added (using the parallelogram method to create another vector).
  3. Repeat until all the vectors have been added.

For example, if you have to add V1, V2, V3, V4 do:

  1. Used method to add V1 and V2 to result in R1
  2. Use method to add R1 and V3 to result in R2
  3. Use method to add R2 and V4 to give final resulting vector R.
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Q: How do you use the parallelogram method to add more than two vectors?
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What are the handicaps in solving complicated vector problems by the parallelogram method?

Parallelogram method is not that accurate because a mechanical tool such as protractor is used in constructing the angle of a vector or in other words it is only an illustration unlike in analytical method of adding vectors, mathematical computation is used which is more accurate than making an illustration to present vectors.

Is it possible to find the sum of two parallel vectors using the parallelogram method?

No, it is simpler than that. Simply add the two magnitudes. The direction will be the same as the parallel vectors.

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What is the difference between parallelogram law of vector addition n triangle law of vector addition?

There is basically no difference. They are nothing more than 2 different visualizations of how we can graphically add two vectors.strictly if we say there is one and only difference is that---Triangle law of vector addition states that when 2 vectors r acting as the adjacent sides of a triangle taken in order. third side of the triangle will give the magnitude of th resultant 7 direction is in opposite order.Parallelogram law of vector addition states that if 2 vectors r acting as the adjacent sides of a parallelogram, then the diagonal of parallelogram from the point of intersection of two vectors represent their resultant magnitude & direction.

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Which polygon has one more side than a parallelogram?

A pentagon

How many more parallel sides does a parallelogram have than a trapezoid?

A pair more.

Are a parallelogram and trapezoid similar?

No. They cannot be similar because a parallelogram has two pairs of sides with equal length. A parallelogram cannot have more than one pair.

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40 and 45 cm

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A big parallelogram has more area than a small rectangle. A small parallelogram has less area than a big rectangle. The question is a lot like asking: "Which one is older, a dog or a cat ?"

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Pentagram has 5 sides A parallelogram has 4 (2 opposing sides parallel to eachother)