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The way you use a scale factor to enlarge a triangle is to multiply each side of the triangle by that scale factor. Your triangle will then be that many times larger.

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Q: How do you use the scale factor of a triangle to enlarge it?
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When dilating a triangle to enlarge the triangle you must use a scale factor that is 1 1 equals 1 equals 0?

No, there cannot be a zero in any scale factor.

What scale factor would you use to enlarge a 4 by 6 into an 18 times 27 photo?

a scale factor of 4.5 is your answer

What jobs use scale factor in them?

Surveying and land use jobs which use a map to scale. Also construction jobs will use plans of the building which are drawn to scale with a stated scale factor.

How do you find a separate set of lengths for a similar triangle?

just use a scale factor! multiply all the dimensions by X and you'll have the dimensions of the new triangle. of course the angles and all are the same b.c theyre similar.

How do you enlarge a rectangle by 2.5 with scale factor?

If you assume that 2.5 refers to the scale factor, you multiply each linear measurement by 2.5. This includes the width, the length, and - if you want to use it to construct your new rectangle - the diagonals. It also happens to include the perimeter, but you probably won't need that to construct the rectangle.

How can you use scale factor to find a new perimeter and area?

New perimeter = old perimeter*scale factor New area = Old area*scale factor2

What opperation do you use whene a scale factor is given to you?


What jobs use scale drawings scale factor and ratio and how do they use them?

go to it gives you different jobs some with scale factor some without. I am looking for the same thing for a project.

What activities would use a ratio or conversion factor?

designing a scale model

What is the use of gray scale ratio in adobe photoshop?

It is factor to scaling down the image.

How do you scale-up a drawing?

If you increase a shape by a scale factor of 2, you double the height and double the width. If you increase a shape by a scale factor of 3, you treble the height and treble the width. If you are interested in doing this mechanically, use a pantograph.

Which type of program can you enlarge a digital photograph?

which type of program can you use to enlarge a digital photograph

What is Scale Factor?

The number used to multiply the lengths of a figure to stretch or shrink it to a similar image. If we use a scale factor of 3, all the corresponding lengths in the original side lengths will be multiplied by three.

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What are two ways scale factor is used in real life?

If you are trying to read a map, there is MOST LIKELY a scale factor (i.e. 1 inch=2.5 miles. You could also use it in blueprints, like if you want to rearrange you bedroom. You can't fit your bedroom on a piece of computer paper! So you may use a scale factor for that (i.e. 1/2 in.= 1 foot).

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What is the eidograph?

An eidograph is a mechanical device used to reduce or enlarge the scale of a drawing or make a copy of a drawing at the same scale. It is similar in use to a pantograph, but was generally considered to be more accurate. It was invented by an Englishman in the 1820's and was used into the early 1900's.

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What is the temperature scale we use in Earth Scale?

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