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Run the power line to a light box in each room, then drop a switch leg from each light box.

The power line should daisy-chain to each box, with a "tap" off for the lights of each room.

If you do not have experience with lighting or switch logic, it would be much more safe for you to contract with a qualified electrician.

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Q: How do you wire lights on the same circuit with different switches in different rooms not three way?
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When a home circuit breaker opens the lights in some rooms go off but the lights in some rooms stay on. Explain why.?

The circuit breakers in a panelboard feed separate circuits. The lights that stay on are on a different circuit than the ones that go off. To fine the circuit that feeds the lights that stay on, go to the panelboard and turn off the breakers one by one until the lights go out. This is the circuit that feeds that circuit of lights. Remember that lights and receptacles can be on the same circuit together.

Why do schools keep on light all night?

Several possible reasons. Deters burglary . Allows lights to be on for late employees and extremely early employees. Some type specialty lights actually wear out quicker from being turned off and on..than being left on. Leaving lights on with main light switches in locked rooms....means that no one has to be there earlier to turn lights on or later to turn lights off for special events. No special employees have to be assigned or reprimanded when lights are always one. Easier for those employees who have no idea where the lights switches are, which wall, which circuit box, etc.

How many lights and outlets can be installed on one circuit?

Depends on if it is a 15 amp or 20 amp circuit. You can install no more than 12 outlets on a 20 amp circuit or 9 outlets on a 15 amp circuit. You can install no more than 1920 watts on a 20 amp lighting circuit or 1440 watts on a 15 amp lighting circuit. If it is a 20 amp circuit I would not install any more than 8 outlets and 4 lights. If it is a 15 amp circuit I would not install any more than 6 outlets and 3 lights. This only applies to living spaces like bedrooms, living rooms dining rooms, and not to kitchens, baths, utility rooms, garages, etc.

Connecting 2 PC in different rooms with different switches?

If you don't exceed the 100 meter rule there should be no problem doing this.

How are Egyptian schools different?

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how many rooms are allowed on one lighting circuit?

Unless you do not have enough space in the service panel it is always a good idea to have each room on it's own circuit. If you want to put 2 rooms on a circuit just make sure those 2 rooms do not overload the circuit and wire it for a 20 amp circuit. Two bedrooms with 8 outlets each and 1 light each is about all you would want on the circuit. I would never put 3 rooms on the same circuit.

Can you have 5 rooms on a 15 amp circuit?

You can but it is not recommended.

Can leaving lights on only in the rooms you are moving between save energy?

Turning lights off saves energy.

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What function does a circuit serve in your home?

it runs electricity to different rooms and regulates it. Has a max capacity and when reaches it it will trip or break. then you go to the Breaker and switch it back.

Dont you think color lights are harmful for our eyes People using color lights in homes or in their rooms Why shouldnt manufacturers stop making such lights which are harmful for humans?

Yes the usage of color lights can affect our eye sight, so it is not recommendable to use color light in rooms especially in study rooms. It also affects our sleeps. The manufacturers produce color lights because though it cant be used at homes, it is used in parties, bars outdoors etc.

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how are cell different then little room

What is 1 way to save energy?

Turn off lights in rooms when you are not using them

Do bats stay out of rooms that have lights on?

yes because they are ajustable only in the dark

Do you have a bed time at job corp?

Residential trainees are required to be in their rooms with the lights out at 11:00PM on weekdays. On the weekends, trainees must be in their rooms at midnight.

How do people use lighting lights?

"People use lighting lights in their homes and outside of their homes. People use vanity lights in their bathrooms, chandeliers in their entry ways and dining rooms, and porch lights on their porches."

How many outlets to a breaker?

In the United States and in commercial and industrial installations a 20 amp circuit may have 13 receptacles and a 15 amp circuit may have 10. In homes there is no limit except common sense. I wouldn't put more than 2 rooms on the same circuit. this limits how much goes out if one breaker trips, especially since in homes your lights and receptacles are often on the same circuit.

Can you have multiple rooms on one circuit breaker?

You certainly can. You can also have a single room serviced by more than one breaker. Breaker assignments are based on expected power usage and type of home wiring. Bedrooms don't normally require a lot of power so several rooms' wall outlets can be on the same breaker. The ceiling lights also don't require much power and can be on the same breaker circuit. It also makes sense to have ceiling lights and wall outlets on different circuits so that if you need to shut one of the circuits for work or repair, you can still use the other for light and power. Some areas such as kitchen, garage, work room, laundry room can have appliances and equipment that require more power and should consider having their own circuit breaker.

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