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combine all alike variables using commutative property of addition


Then add the like variables


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Q: How do you work out 4a plus 2b-1a plus 9b?
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How do you simplify 3A plus 9B?

3A + 9B = 3(A + 3B)

How many terms in 6a plus 9b plus 15?

There are 3 terms in the given expression of 6a+9b+15

-9(a plus b)?

The simplified expression is -9a -9b.

What is -17am plus 8b-11am plus 9b?

-28am + 17b

What is 3a plus 5b minus 6a minus 9b?

3a + 5b - 6a - 9b = -3a - 4b

What is b if 9b plus 6 - 8 equals -36?

9b + 6 - 8 = -36 9b = -38 b = 4.2222222(repeating)

Factor the following expressions 3a plus 9b?

You would factor 3a + 9b as: 3(a+3b)

Simplify 2a plus 3-9b-a-7?

2a + 3 - 9b - a - 7 Bring like terms together: = 2a - a - 9b + 3 - 7 Combine like terms: = a - 9b - 4

6ab plus 9b divided by 2a plus 3?

(6ab + 9b)/(2a + 3) = 3b(2a + 3)/(2a + 3) = 3b

Simplify the expression -21a plus 2b plus 14a-9b?


9b plus 40 equals 13b what is the answer to that?

b= 10

What is b plus 9b?


How many terms are in 6a plus 9b plus 15?

There are three terms in the given expression.

How do you calculate 27a to the second power plus 9b to the third power?

(27a)2 = 729a2 (9b)3 = 729b3 So (27a)2 + (9b)3 = 729*(a2 + b3)

What is 15 minus a plus 9b - 11 plus 3a- b?

When simplified it is: 2a+8b+4

What is the answer to this equation 5a plus 3b plus 9b-10a?

It is not an equation but an algebraic expression that can be simplified to: 12b-5a

How do you factor 2b squared plus 9b minus 35?

(2b - 5)(b + 7)

What is the highest common factor for 3b and 9b?

Since 3b is a factor of 9b, it is automatically the GCF.

What is 7b add 2b?


Factor the expression given below 144A2 - 81B2?


15b plus 2 - 13 equals 13b plus 6 - 4b?

15b+2-13 = 13b+6-4b 15b-11 = 9b+6 15b-9b = 6+11 6b = 17 b =17/6 or 2 and 5/6

How do you factor 8b2-9b plus 1?

8b^2 -9b +1 8b^2 -8b -b +1 8b(b-1) - 1(b-1) (8b-1)(b-1)

What is b - 9b simplified?

What I would do is change the problem up. Instead of b-9b I would make it -(9b-b). It is still the same problem; you will multiply the number inside the parenthesis be -1. So start with 9b-b. That would equal 8b. So it would change from -(9b-b) to -(8b) so you multiply 8b by negative 1 (-1) to get the answer -8b. -8b is your answer. So b - 9b = -8b

4b plus 9b-2b equals 132?

All the terms in b add to 11, so 11b = 132 making b = 12

What is 6over3x over9?


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