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EDIT: To find the diameter, using the circumference - you divide the circumference by the value of Pi - Snakester1962 (Supervisor)

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Q: How do you work out diameter from using circumference?
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Was does Pi equall?

It is the ratio of the circumference (C) and the diameter (D) of a circle. Using pi and the diameter of a circle, you can work out the circumference.

How do you find diameter of circle using the circumference?

Diameter = circumference/pi

How do you work out the circumference from the diameter?

Circumference = pi*diameter or 2*pi*radius

How do you find pi using a equation?

If: circumference = pi*diameter Then: pi = circumference/diameter

How do you figure diameter of circle using circumference?

Divide the circumference by pi, and that will give you the diameter.

How do you find the diameter when given the circumference?

Since circumference is found by multiplying pi by the diameter of the circle, the diameter can by found using the inverse operation. diameter = circumference/pi

What is the diameter of a 12cm circle?

using the formula circumference=diameter X pi: circumference=diameter X pi circumference/pi=diamter X pi/pi circumference/pi=diameter therefore, diameter=circumference/pi diameter=12mm/3.14 diameter=3.821mm

What is the formula for the circumference of a circle using diameter?

circumference = π x diameter π = 3.14159...

How do you write an equation while using circumference?

Diameter = Circumference/pi

Why you are using pi to calculate circumference of the circle?

Because the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of every circle is pi. So circumference = pi*diameter.

How do you get the circumfernce of a circle using diameter?

Multiply the diameter by pi, and the answer will be the circumference.

What is the circumference of 60 inch diameter?

Circumference is found by multiplying the diameter by pi (approx. 3.14). Using this formula, A circle with a diameter of 60 inches has a circumference of approximately 188.4 inches.