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You figure out 3-456=78+8xx79+m<K34 then divide that by 2

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Q: How do you work out the are of a 3 sided shape?
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What is a 3 to 4 sided shape called?

A 3 sided shape is a triangle. A 4 sided shape could be a square or rectangle.

What is a 3 sided shape with a right angle?

a 3 sided shape is a right angle triangle

Which has more verticles a shape with 4 sides or a shape with 3 sides?

A 4 sided shape has 4 vertices whereas a 3 sided shape has 3 vertices.

What is the name for the 8 sided shape?

An octagon is an 8 sided 2 dimensional shape. A cylinder with the base of a hexagon (6 sided shape) would be an 8 sided 3 dimensional shape.

What shape was SpongeBob when he was born?

he was a 3 sided shape

Name of 5 sided shape?

A 5-sided 2-dimensional figure is a pentagon and a 5-sided 3-dimensional shape is a pentahedron.

What is a 29 sided shape?

In geometry a 29 sided shape is referred to as an icosikaidigon. The shape closely resembles an 3 dimensional octagon.

Is a cube a 3 sided object?

It's a 6 sided shape.

Which has more vertices a shapr with 4 sides or a shape with 3 sides?

A 4 sided shape which is a quadrilateral has more vertices than a 3 sided shape which is a triangle

3 sided shape?


What is a 3 sided shape is?


How many lines of symmetry does a 6 sided shape have?

There are 3 lines of symmetry ina 6-sided shape.

What are the names of a 3 sided shape?

A 3-sided shape is called a triangle.or Polygon in general.

What do you called a 3 sided shape?

A triangle

Would you say 'a one sided shape' or 'an one sided shape'?

A one sided shape

57 sided shape?

The name for a 57 sided shape is derived by combining the name for a 50 sided shape with the name for a 7 sided shape. A 57 sided shape is called a pentacontaheptagon.

Name of a 11 sided 3D shape?

a henagon is an 11 sided 2-D shape and a 3-D is called an hendecahedron.

What is a 999 sided shape called?

A 999 sided shape is simply known as a 999 sided shape.

How do you work out the size of a angle 4 sided shape?

with a protactor......

What is a 3 side of polygon?

A 3 sided polygon is the shape of a triangle.

What shape has a triangular base?

A 3-sided pyramid.

What is a 3 sided shape not equal sides?


What is a 3 sided shape called?

it is called a triangle

Six sided 3 d shape?


An 8 sided 3-d shape?

An octahedron.

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