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For all intents and purposes, the mass of 1 cm3 of pure water is 1 gram, at its maximum density (around 4 deg C) and a pressure of 1 atmosphere. So 200 cm3 would have a mass of 200 grams.

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Q: How do you work out the mass of 200 cm 3 of water?
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What is the mass of silver with a volume of 200 cm?

Nothing can have a volume of 200 cm. That is a measure of length: in 1-dimensional space, not a measure of volume in 3-dimensional space.

What is the density of a block of wood with a mass of 120 G and a volume of 200 Cm's?

120/200=0.6 grams per cc

How do you calculate density 200g width of 10g height 2cm length 10cm?

Density is mass/volume. For a rectangular block, the volume is [width x height x length].Assuming you meant 10 cm for width, instead of 10g, then:Volume = (10 cm)*(2 cm)*(10 cm) = 200 cm3Density = mass/volume = (200 g)/(200 cm3) = 1 g/cm3

What is 2m converted to centimeters?

By unit of length and mass and conversion ,we can say that 1 m=100 cm 2 m=200 cm

What is the density of a cube with a mass of 200g and a volume of 50cm3?

Density = mass/volume , so 200/50 = 4 g / cubic cm.

What mass of water will fill a tank that is 100 cm long 50 cm wide and 30 cm high?


What is the mass when a cubic decimeter is filled with water?

1000 cubic cm

The density of a material that is 200 grams and a volume of 5 cubic cm?

Density = Mass/Volume = 200 g / 5 cm3 = 40 gcm-3

What is the density of wood with a mass of 120 g and a volume of 200 cm cubed?

0.6 g

If a box is 3cm by 2cm by 10 cm how much mass could it hold before if would sink in water?

Volume = 3 cm x 2 cm x 10 cm = 60 cm3 Mass of 60 cm3 water = 60 grams Mass of box + contents would be >60 gramsbefore it could sink.

How much water could you put in a rectuangler container measuring 4 cm by 6 cm by 8 cm?

4*6*8=192cm3 Since 1cm3 of water has a mass 1g this is 192g of water

What is the density of A rectangular wooden block that measures 10 cm by 4 cm by 2 cm when placed in water and it is floating horizontally with its bottom face 1 point 65 cm below the surface?

It is 0.825g/cm^3. Use the area of the wood to find the area of the water displaced with a depth of 1.65. This will give you the volume of the water and multiply that by it's density(1000kg/m^3) to reveal the mass of the water. The mass of the water should be equal to the mass of the wood. Divide this mass by the volume of the wood(not the water segment), which will give you the density of the wood block. Be careful with the unit conversions, you may do the right math, but still have the wrong answer.