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One way would be to count them. That may not be a realistic proposition if you have something like a start of a fractal, though!

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Q: How do you work out the number sides of a polygon?
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How do you work out the number of sides in a regular polygon that has an exterior angle?

With a regular polygon: 360/exterior angle = number of sides

What is the polygon that has the most number of sides?

Technically, a polygon can have an unlimited number of sides.

How many sides does the polygon have?

A polygon does not have a set number of sides.

Work out the number of sides of a regular polygon with the interior angle of 178?

If each interior angle is 178 degrees then the regular polygon will have 180 sides.

How many types of polygon you have?

A polygon is a shape with multiple sides. There are an infinite number of polygons, as the polygon is classified by the number of sides.

How do you work out the exterior and interior angles of a regular polygon with W sides?

Exterior angle regular polygon = 360° ÷ number of sides = 360° ÷ W Interior angle regular polygon = 180° - exterior angle regular polygon = 180° - (360° ÷ number of sides ) = 180° - (360° ÷ W)

A polygon with the least possible number of sides?

A polygon with the least number of sides is a triangle (3 sides)

how many sides does a regular polygon have if the exterior angle is 15?

by the number of sides, 'n' of that particular polygon. by the exterior angle. Therefore, the number of sides of the polygon is 24 sides.

What are the two ways of finding the number of sides of a polygon which has 189 diagonals?

By using the polygon diagonal formula or the quadratic equation formula in which in both formulae they work out that the polygon in question has 21 sides.

What tells the number of sides a polygon has?

a house. It has 5 sides like a polygon

Do a polygon have 4 sides?

A polygon may have any number of sides. A shape with four sides is a type of polygon called a quadrilateral.

How many sides does the largest shape have?

There is no limit to the number of sides that a polygon can have. Mathematically, a circle is equivalent to a polygon with an infinite number of sides.