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Because there are 52 weks in a year and 104/52 = 2 years

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Q: How do you work out to get 104 for 2years equals how many weeks?
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How many years equals 732 work days?

2 years, 42 weeks, 2 days

How long did you work on your old job?


How many hours worked in year based on a 37.5 hours work week?

There are 52 weeks in a year. Work week is 37.5 52 times 37.5 equals 1950 hours.

How many work weeks this year 2013?

Work weeks vary depending on how many weeks a person will be off for vacation. The amount of possible weeks to work in a year is 52.

How many work weeks does a 12 month employee work?

there are 52 work weeks in an average work year

How many days in 12 weeks?

=there are 84 days in 12 weeks==there are 84 days in 12 weeks==there are 84 days in 12 weeks=

How many work weeks is 960 hours?

For a 40 hour work week that is 960/40 = 24 work weeks

How many weeks does a librarian work a month?

4 weeks

How many weeks do we work a year?

depends when you work

How many weeks do you have to work in Ohio to receive unemployment?

how many weeks do you need to recieve unempl0yment in ohio

How many weeks do teachers work per year in Massachusetts?

40 weeks

How many work weeks were there in the US in the calendar year 2009?

Every week is a work week so 52 weeks.

How is 2080 work hours calculated?

40 hours per week times 52 weeks per year equals 2080 hours.

How many weeks does the average American worker work a year?

About 49 weeks a year

How many weeks must a person work before collecting unemployment benefits?

26 weeks

How many days in 11 weeks?

There are 77 days in 11 weeks and 55 work days.

If you make 55 dollars an hour how much is that a year?

That depends on how many days a week you work and how many weeks you work and how many hours you work.

How many work days in 10 weeks?

Based on a standard 5 day working week, there would be 50 work days in 10 weeks.

200000 a year is what per hour?

200,000 divided by 52 weeks in a yeardivided by how many hours you work a weekill do average of 40 hours a week=is about $96.2 dollars per hour

How many work weeks this year 2012?


Jose works 25 hours a week at 12.50 per hour. How many weeks will he have to work to earn 3437.50?

11 weeks

Jose works 25 hours a week at $12.50 per hour. How many weeks will he have to work to earn $3437.50?

11 weeks

Jose works 25 hours a week at 12.50 per hour How many weeks will he have to work to earn .3437.50?

11 weeks

How many weeks a year do you work on 2 and 1 fifo rosters?


How many work days is 18 weeks?

Normally we work 5 days a week. That is, there are 90 workdays in 18 weeks. The number can change if there is a holiday during this period, of course.