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Q: How do you write 'c' with a circle on it?
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How do you write the formula to a circle in the form x?

(x - A)2 + (y - B)2 = C2 (A,B) is the center of the circle. 'C' is the circle's radius.

Write a prograrm in C using Open GL that accepts the area of a Circle as input and draws the corresponding Circle?

kindly provided

What is the circumference of a circle if the diameter is 40cm?

The circumference (C) of a circle is given by the formula C = 2πr But, the diameter equals twice the radius so we can write C = πd....where d is the diameter. So, C = 40π = 125.664 (3dp)

Write a c program to find the area and perimeter of circle?

Learn c programming and geometry. It will be easy when you know both.

Write a program to calculate the area of a circle?

#include<stdio.h> void main() { int r=10; float pi=3.14,c; c=pi*r*r; printf("Area of the circle=%f",c); getch(); }

A c program to square matrix?

A C program to square matrix is a math problem. In the math problem you write down all the outer boundary values of matrix in a circle, then write down the inner value.

What does a little c in a circle mean?

The little c in a circle is the symbol for copyright.

What is a trademark with a c and a circle around it?

A c with a circle around it is the 'copyright' symbol.

Half a circle plus circle plus half a circle plus a half a circle plus circle plus 90' angle plus a guess wat it is?


What does a c in a circle mean in medical terminology?

A c inside a circle means "with" in medical terms.

What is Circle pi relationship?

Pi ( 3.142 approx.) is the amount of times the diameter of a circle can be measured along the circumference of a circle. We know that Pi multiplied by the diameter of the circle is equal to it circumference. So we write C=PiD This means, as it says above, that a certain number of "Pi's" will be equal to the circumference.

What is the formula for the circumstance of a circle where r represents the radius of a circle and c represents the circumstance of a circle.?

A circle does not have a circumstance. Assuming that you mean circumfernece, the answer is c = 2*pi*r