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0.02 is a fraction. It is a fraction in decimal form rather than in the form of a ratio. However, that does not stop it being a fraction. Its rational equivalent is 2/100 which can be simplified, if required. Since the absolute value of the number is less than 1 it cannot be expressed as a mixed number.

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Q: How do you write .02 as a fraction or mixed number?
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What is the mixed number of 6 over 9?

6/9 is 2/3. You could write it as a mixed number as 02/3 but I cannot see a single good reason for doing so.

How do you Convert 0.2 to a fraction?

Here are some good links to use if you need help again with this: = decimal to fraction calculator = decimal to fraction calculator (w/ breakdown) .02 = 1/50 but if you need it broken down on exactly how to do it: Here's how to convert .02 to a fraction... There is not much that can be done to figure out how to write .02 as a fraction, except to literally use what the decimal portion of your number, the .02, means. Since there are 2 digits in 02, the very last digit is the "100th" decimal place. So we can just say that .02 is the same as 02/100. The fraction 2/100 is not reduced to lowest terms. We can reduce this fraction to lowest terms by dividing both the numerator and denominator by 2. Why divide by 2? 2 is the Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) or Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of the numbers 2 and 100. So, this fraction reduced to lowest terms is 1/50. So your final answer is: .02 can be written as the fraction 1/50.

How do you change a fraction or mixed to a decimal?

type it into a calculator? or get it over a power of ten such as 10 or 100 then take the top number and put the correct # of zeroes between the . and the number ... for example ... if you have 1/5, multiply the fraction by 2/2 and you have 2/10, this is .2 - or - if you have 1/50, do the same and you have 2/100, which is .02 ... or use long division ... Hope This Helps! =]

What is 02 percent as a fraction?

2% as a fraction = 1/50

When was Karen Fraction born?

Karen Fraction was born on 1958-02-15.

What is 02 as a fraction in simplest form?

02 = 2 = 2/1 in its simplest form.

What is 02 as a reduced fraction?


What is the mole fraction of O2 in the mixture 02?

It is 100%.

What is the fraction of .02?

2/100 which reduces to 1/50.

What type of oil do use in an 02 Acra MDX?

mixed synthetic

0.02 to a fraction?

.02 is 2/100 ths or 1/50th.

What is 2 percent in a fraction and decimal?

2%= .02 or 2/100

What is 2 percent as a decimal and fraction?

2%= .02 or 2/100

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What does .02 equal?

2/100 as a fraction or 1/50 in its lowest terms

How do you write two hundredths in percent form?


How would you write two hundredths as a decimal?


What makes .02?

It is equivalent to 2/100 or 1/50 as a fraction in its simplest form

Is 02 a prime number?

Two is a prime number.

What is 8 divided by .02 of what number?


How do you write 2 percent as a decimal?


How do you turn 13.02 as a mixed number?

Set the 13 aside for a moment. Put the .02 over 1.02/1move the decimal places all the way right to whole numbers2/100Naturally, this is,1/50simplified. So13 and 1/50=============your mixed number

How do you write two hundred ten thousandths as a number?

two-hundred ten-thousand is 2 one-hundredths and is written .02 or .0200 .

What is the mass percentage of 02?

It is zero. The number 02 is a number. It is a concept and no physical existence and no mass. So the mass percentage is zero.

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