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seventy three and two hundred seventy three thousanndsths

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Q: How do you write 073.273 inn word form?
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Write a fact using the word vacant?

That Holiday Inn had a room that was vacant.

Does the word inn rhymes with the word margin?

Ehhhhh . . . . MAYbe, but I would prefer "large inn" as a rhyme for 'margin'.

How do you write inn in Japanese?

旅館 (Ryokan) - Japanese Inn (actually more of a bed-and-breakfast type place than a pub) 居酒屋 (Izakaya) - Japanese Pub (Inn is another word for a Pub in the West) 宿屋 - Yadoya

What does tabernae in latin mean?

"tabernae" is the genetive singular, dative singular and nominative plural form of the word meaning shop or inn.

When do you capitalize the word inn?

You would capitalize it if it's part of a name. "We stopped at the inn" would not be capitalized, but "We stopped at Comfort Inn" would.

French word for inn or hotel?

Hotel is 'hôtel' Inn is 'auberge' or 'taverne'

How do you use the word inn in sentence?

EXAMPLE: My family and I stayed at an inn for vacation.

What is a homophone for the word preposition and the word motel?

in, inn

Did Lois Lowry write the book holiday inn?


How do write 500 inn roman numerals?


How do you spell inn in Hebrew?

The Hebrew word for inn is mah-LOHN, spelled מלון

Do you capitalize the word inn?

When it's part of the proper name of the inn, yes, it would be capitalized.

What is the homonym for 'in'?

The word is inn, a hostelry.

What is the Latin word for inn?


What is the meaning of the word L'auberge?

the inn

How do you write twelve thousand and twelve inn figures?


What is the word for an Inn for travellers in the Middle East?

Khan is an inn for travellers and also a common Muslim name.

Three letter word for hotel?


What is a homophone for a word meaning motel?

inn, in

French word for inn or hostelry?


What is another word for hotel or inn?


What does the word posadas mean in English?


What is the English for the French word auberge?

an Inn

What is the Spanish word for inn?

There is no literal translation for the distinction between a "hotel" and an "inn," but a good term would be "hospedería"

Is inn a place or a thing?

An inn, as a word, is a proper noun (which is a word that represents a person, place or thing). You can walk into an inn ... sit down at a table there ... eat a meal. Therefore, it must be a place. You can paint an inn ... strip off the roof ... put on new siding. Therefore, it must be a thing. The only thing or place it can't be is a person.