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Not sure about wrighting anything, but you could write it as

123*100 except that is NOT the exponential form.

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Q: How do you write 123 with a zero as the exponent in exponential form?
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Why do exponential functions not equal zero?

exponent of any number is more than 0

What is an exponent of zero?

There is no exponent of zero. Instead of zero it is one.

Is there a zero exponent?

Yes the exponent is the number of times you multiply it so for example twenty with a zero exponent is zero

What is the exponent of zero is?

no exponent can make a number equal to zero, however any number with an exponent of zero is one.

How do you write Exponents in Standard Form?

you multiply for example 2to the 5th power =2x2x2x2x2Writing exponents in standard form is simple and easy to do. For every exponent you have to put a zero.

What does zero exponent mean in math?

you don't have a zero exponent in math.

What is a zero with exponent of 2?

Zero with an exponent of two is still zero. The math involves 0x0x0=0.

Can you get zero using exponents?

No. Even a number with an exponent of zero equals one. There is no way an exponent on a number will make it zero.

What is the answer if the exponent is a zero?


Example of exponential function?

Any function of the form aebx - for non-zero a and b - is exponential. For examples, just replace "a" and "b" with any non-zero number. Equivalently, any function of the form cdx - once again, for non-zero c and d - is exponential. Here, too, you can replace c and d with any number to get examples.

Write in written form 0.009?

Zero point zero zero nine

What is zero exponent?

If a number (other than 0) has 0 as an exponent, it equals 1! It may be hard to believe but it is true, no matter what number. If a number has no exponent, there is basically an invisible 1 as the exponent, so the number would be equal to itself. Zero with the exponent zero is meaningless.

How do you write 9 000009 in word form?

Nine, zero zero zero zero zero nine.

How do you write out 1000000 in word form?

One million. One zero zero zero zero zero zero.

Can i get an example of zero exponent?

20, 80 ,160, 2550 Any number with zero exponent is equal to 1.

How do you write 0.010 in word form?

zero point zero ten

How do you write 6.00 in word form?

Six point zero zero.

How do you write 2.00 in word form?

In word form, 2.00 is two point zero zero.

How do you write 0.0017 in word form?

Zero point zero zero one seven.

How do you write 5.0003 in word form?

Five point zero zero zero three.

What is the mode of an Exponential distribution?


How do you write 0.102 in word form?


How do you write 5.200 in word form?

Five point two zero zero

How do you write 0.209 in word form?

zero point two zero nine

How do you write 0.054 in word form?