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To convert 25% to a decimal, divide by 100: 25% ÷ 100 = 0.25

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Q: How do you write 25 percent as a decimal and show work?
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Related questions

How do you show your work write 40 percent as a decimal?

40% = 0.40

How do you write 9.50 as a decimal and show your work?

this is the decimal 9.5

What is 0.25 percent as a decimal show the work?

To convert 0.25% to a decimal divide by 100: 0.25% ÷ 100 = 0.0025

How do you show your work to change 48 percent into a decimal?

To convert 48% to decimal divide by 100: 48% ÷ 100 = 0.48

How do you work out 54.6 percent written as a decimal?

Divide percent by 100 to get the equivalent decimal. 54.6 percent = 0.546

How do you show work for 30 percent of 120?

well to find 30% of 120, first you have to make the percent a decimal, so .30. then all you have to do is mulitiply, so 120*.30=36 :)

Show all work what percent of 3.8 is 19?

19 is what percent of 3.8:= 19 / 3.8= 5Converting decimal to a percentage: 5 * 100 = 500%

How do you write 62 percent as a decimal?

The answer is 0.62. To work it out, work out what it is as a fraction (62/100) and since it is over 100 the decimal has to go into hundredths, So you have 0.62. It is actually a very easy percentage to work out, With anything under 100% you can just put 0.THE NUMBER. But it gets much trickier from there!

Show how to work what percent of 90 is 27?

Divide 27 by 90. This will give you a decimal smaller than zero . Now multiply this number by 100. This is your percentage.

What percent of 9 is 6 and show your work?

What percent of 9 is 6 = 6 / 9 = 0.666667Converting decimal to a percentage: 0.666667 * 100 = 66.67%

What percent of 260 is 52 show your work?

The answer is... 52 is 20% of 260. As for 'show your work' since this is obviously a homework question - you will have to figure out how I arrived at your answer - and write down your working out !

How you write 1.68 as a percent show work?

1.68 x 100 = 168%

How do you change 1 divided 4 into a decimal show work?


How do you show your work when you are make 15 a decimal?

Simple! 15, as a decimal is 15: that's it. No change!

How do you work out how to write four hundredths as a decimal?

The way to write 4 hundredths is like this 0.04

Show how to work this problem 7 is what percent of 28?

7 / 28 = 0.25Converting decimal to a percentage: 0.25 * 100 = 25%

During a sale at a local shoe store the fractionf customers who purchased sneakers was 80 over 250 what percent of customers purchased sneakers show your work?

8/250=.32 move the decimal two places to the right to get percent 32%

How do you convert 0.42 into a fraction and show work?

You do nothing: 0.42 is a decimal fraction!

What is 14 percent of 200 show work?

Convert percentage to a decimal: 14% = 14 divided by 100 = 0.14Then: 0.14 * 200 = 28

How do you show your work for 21 is what percent of 168?

21 is what percent of 168:= 21 / 168= 0.125Converting decimal to a percentage:0.125 * 100 = 12.5%

How do you solve 88 percent of 175 please. show all the work?

Since most teachers require showing your work, I assume you're looking for an easy answer. I will only show you some of the steps to solve this. 1) Convert your percentage to a decimal. 2) Multiply the decimal to the amount. 3) Rewrite your answer using the format. "N" is 88% of 175.

How do you work out 10 percent of a number?

multiply the number by .1, that is the decimal form of 10%

Divide decimals by decimals and show the work?

4/5 in a decimal

What would 12 over 25 be as a decimal to show work?

It works out that 12 divided by 25 = 0.48 which is a decimal number

How do you write 1.9 percent?

1.9% or 0.019 will both work.