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2 over 1 cannot be written as a proper fraction since its absolute value is greater than 1.

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Q: How do you write 2 over 1 as a proper fraction?
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Related questions

How do you write 8 1 over 3 as a proper fraction?

8 1/3

What is the proper fraction of 1 over 9?

1/9 is a proper fraction.

How would you write 8 1 over 3 percent as a proper fraction?


How do you write 183 over 40 as a proper fraction?

183/40 is greater than 1 and so it cannot be written as a proper fraction. As a mixed fraction, it is 4 23/40.

What is 1 over 16?

A proper fraction.

How do you write -5 over 1 as a fraction?

You write is as -5/1

How do you write -1 over one as a fraction?

Negative one over one written as a fraction is -1/1

What is the mixed number from the improper fraction 1 over 3?

1/3 is a proper fraction.

How do you write 32 as a fraction?

You can write any integer as a fraction bu putting it over 1.

How can you write 1 over 125 as a fraction?

1 _____ 25

How do you write the fraction 1 over 6?


How would you write 3.50 as a fraction?

3 1/2 for a proper fraction or 7/2 for improper

How do you write 460 as a fraction?

To write a whole number as a fraction, you take the whole number over "one". 460/1 460 over 1

How do you write 376 as a fraction?

376 over 1.

How do you write 543 as a fraction?

543 over 1

How do you write 3 over 75 as a fraction in simplest form?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 3/75 is equal to 1/25 or one twenty-fifth.

Why is it impossible to get a proper fraction into a mixed number?

It is impossible to write a proper fraction as a mixed number because proper fractions are less than 1, and mixed numbers are greater than 1.

How do you write 372 as a fraction?

372 written as a fraction is 372 over 1. (372/1)

How do you write 1.08 as a proper fraction?

It can't be one. Proper fractions are less than one.

How do you write 30000 as a fraction?

30000 or 30000 over 1 _____ 1

How can you write 9 as a fraction?

9 over 1, 9/1.

How do you change 7 over 1 into a proper fraction?

7/1 is 7. Since the denominator is one, it cannot be turned into a mixed fraction, which would in other cases be the proper fraction.

How Do you write 1 12 as a decimal?

how do you write the Fraction as a decimal 1 over 12

How do you write 7777777777 as a fraction?

7777777777/1 any number over one is a fraction

How do you write 44 as a fraction?

Any integer can be written as a fraction by putting it over 1.