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Q: How do you write 3.5billion in standard notations?
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How do you write 35billion in English words?

Thirty-five billion.

3 What is the difference between and redirection notations?

> is use to write standard output from a file. and >>is use to append standard output to the end of a file. ranjeet khune(dd)

What is 2 in standard and scientific notation?

It is 2 in both notations.

How do we write 380000000000000 scientific notations?

3.8 * 10^14

What is standard notation form?

There are different standard notations for different things. The question needs to be more specific.

How change scientific notation to standard?

In the UK, you do nothing! The two notations are the same.

How do you write 0.000000664 in scientific notations?

6.64 x 10-7

How do you write 150000000 in notations?

I assume you mean scientific notation. This is 1.5x108.

When is scientific notation more appropriate than standard notation?

Scientific notation and standard notations are the same in most of the wolrd.

How manys ways can you write 100?

You can write 100 an infinite number of ways; as fractions, multiples, notations, and others.

How do you write seventy-five thousand two hundred fifty one in standard form?

75,251 in western notation. 75 251 in British notation. Commas are reserved for the decimal point in eastern notations.

What does phc mean on court records?

Abbreviated notations, shortened initials, or other non-standard methods of making notations on law enforcement and/or court records is not standard throughout the country. Your best bet is to go to the Clerk Of The Court's Office and ask one of the clerks there what it means to them.