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Q: How do you write 3 tens as a decimal?
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Related questions

How do you write 3 tens in decimal?


How do you write 3 tens and 25 thousandths as a decimal?


How do you write 3 tens and 9 hundredths as a decimal?

If you mean 3*10 and 9/100 then it is 30.09 as a decimal

How do you write 15 tens as a decimal?

15 tens = 150

How do you write 3 tens 2units and 5 tenths as a decimal?

3tens 2units 5 tenths = 32.5

How do you write 66 tens as a decimal?


How do you write 4 tens in decimal?

It is 0.4

How you write 3 tens and 9 hundredths as a decimal?

30.09 . unless not tens but tenths is meant 3 tenths and 9 hundredths = 0.39

How do write 23 tens in decimal form?

It is 230.

How would you write 259 TENS as a decimal?


How do you write three and eight tens as a decimal?

It is 3.8

How do you write four tens as a decimal?

Four tens is 40.0 Four tenths is 0.4

Write 2 tens and 7 tenths as a decimal?

The answer is 20.7 .

How would you write four tens as a decimal number?

It is 40.

How many tens are in 643?

64 tens with a remainder of 3 or 64.3 in decimal.

How do you write 6 hundredths 3 hundreds tens 0 tents 5 thousandths 5 thousands and 3 ones in decimal?

53x3.065 Replace the "x" with how many tens there are.

How do you write 9 tens with a decimal?

.9 is the same as 9/10

How do you write 230 hundreds 32 tens and 6 ones in decimal numerals?


How do you write 259 tens in decimal?

It is 2590.

Write an equivalent decimal 0.1?

0.1 is equal to 10% because the tenths decimal point is the tens percentage.

How do you write 3 tens and 0 tens?

3 tens is written as 30 0 tens is written a 0

How is three tens in decimal form?

the correct way to have 3 tens in decimal would be 30.0. Unless you meant 3 tenths, then it would be 0.3.

How do you write 2 and 3 10 as a decimal?

O.3 write as a decimal in the tenths

What is 4 tens and 3 hundreths written in decimal?

It is 40.03

What is 3 tens and 5 tenths written in decimal?

It is 30.5