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0.83333 repeating

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Q: How do you write 5 sixth as a decimal?
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How do you calculate five-sixth as a decimal?

five- sixth as a decimal = 0.83335/6:= 5 ÷ 6= 0.8333 in decimal

How do you write three and seventy-sixth hundreds as a decimal?


How do you write seventh and sixty sixth hundredths as a decimal?


How do you write twenty three and Sixth tenths in decimal?

It is 23.6

How can we write five and sixth in decimal form?

It is 5.1666... (repeating).

How do you write five and forty sixth hundredths in decimal form?

I presume that it is 5 and (40/6)/100 = 5.066... (repeating)

How do you write one sixth as a decimal?

0.166666 and so on with the 6's..but you can just write it as: 0.166

How do you write a number in the hundred thousands place?

Write it in the sixth place to the left of the decimal point.

Five sixth in decimal form?

0.833333333 is 5/6 in decimal form.

Write each decimal in words 0.00065?

sixth five ten thousandths

How do you write the numbers 734.6?

seven-hundred thirty-four decimal point sixth

What is 1 sixth of 35?

35/6 = 5 and 5/6 or in decimal 5.83333