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A US Billion* has 9 digits following the leading digits (64 being the leading digits in this case.)

So 64.1 billion dollars = $64,100,000,000

Notice that if you count the number of digits after 64 there are 9

Note*: A billion in some other countries is actually a million million (or having 12 digits after the leading digits.) For finance this magnitude of number does not make sense (it's much too large,) and instead the US Billion is used.

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You can write 3.3 billion dollars as the following: $ 3,300,000,000 . 00

In word forms, you can write it as 20 billion dollars, twenty billion dollars, $20 billion. Or you can write it as $20,000,000,000. There are at least 4 ways to write it, and probably more.

It is: 4,216,000,000,000 dollars

It is: $26,000,000,000 dollars

$15.2 billion$15,200,000,000.00Fifteen billion two hundred million dollars

One hundred twenty-five billion dollars OR $125 billion OR $125,000,000,000.00

$2.1 billion$2,100,000,000.00

$50 billion$50,000,000,000.00

$10,000,000,000.00$10 billion

$393.6 billion$393,600,000,000.00

$10.64 billion$10,640,000,000.00

$13 billion$13,000,000,000.00

$3.5 billion$3,500,000,000.00

$7.3 billion$7,300,000,000.00

$30 billion OR $30,000,000,000.00

One billion dollars is 1000 times one million dollars, or $1x109, or $1,000,000,000.

I would write it as in the question.

$3,900,000,000.00 or$3.9 billion

For USD: $218,000,000,000.00 or $218 billion

$14 Billion or 14,000,000,000,000

$272.05 billion$272,050,000,000.00Two hundred seventy-two billion, fifty million dollars.

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