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Q: How do you write 75 thousandth?
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What is cos 75 to the nearest ten-thousandth?


How do you write one thousandth as a decimal?

you can write one thousandth as a decimal as 0.010.001

How do you write one thousandth in decimals?

.000 .001 - one thousandth

What are the numerals for one ten-thousandth?

You would write that 0.0001.

How do you write 0.001?

one thousandth.

How do you write thousandth in decimal?


How do you write out Three thousandth?


How do you write 49 thousandth?


How do you write 0.001 I.?

One thousandthNote: 0.001 is a thousandth. 1/1000 of a unit.

How do you write a thousandth as a decimal fraction?

In decimal form, 1 thousandth is written 0.001

How do you write one-thousandth as a decimal?

one-thousandth as a decimal = 0.001

What does 'thousandth' mean in math?

In math, thousandth means 1/1000 or 0.001. For example to write out 5.003 you would write: 5 and 3 thousandths. Another example is one thousandth of 5000 is 5000 x 1/1000 which is 5.

How do you write four thousandth as a decimal?


Write ten thousandth as decimal?


How do you write 800 thousandth decimals?


How do you write one thousandth as a percentage?


How do you write one thousandth of a liter?


How would you write the decimal thousandth?


How do you write 13.001?

Thirteen and one thousandth.

How do you write 6 thousandth in decimal?


What is 64 over 75 as a decimal rounded to the nearest thousandth?


How many milligrams in 75 micrograms?

A microgram is one thousandth of a a milligram so 75 micrograms is 0.075 milligrams

How do you round 479 to the nearest thousandth?

479, rounded to the nearest thousandth is 479 although, if you wish to indicate that it is accurate to the nearest thousandth, you could write it as 479.000

How do you write sixty-three hundred-thousandths in decimal form?

To write the number sixty three hundredth thousandth in the decimal format it would look like 0.00063. Each zero represents a place tenth, hundredth, thousandth, ten thousandth, then hundredth thousandth.

How do you write 30 in write in word form?

The answer is Fourty thousandth and fifty hundredths