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Q: How do you write a decade of years like 1820s or 1820s?
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What are examples of a decade?

A decade is a period of 10 years. Typically we think of them in years from 1 to 10, like 2001 to 2010 or with years that have the same second last digit like 1990 to 1999. Any period of 10 years can be a decade, like the years from 2006 to 2015 inclusive.

What was the decade before the Great Depression?

Roaring 20s. Write "20s" like that.

What were Christmas decorations like in the 1820s?


What is a synonym for millennium?

Just like 10 years is a decade and 100 years is a century, 1000 years is a millennium. There are no synonyms and no antonyms for the word millennium.

Was the year 2000 really a part of the 1990s decade seeing as there was no year zero?

No, 2000 was not part of the 1990s. The 90s were all the years from 1990 to 1999. The fact that the decade finished in 1999, is one of the reasons people thought it was the end of the 20th century. A decade is a period of 10 years. We often think of them in terms of a second last digit the years start with, like the 80s, 90s etc. This means the decades as we think of them are 1 year out of synch with a standard 1 to 10 type of decade. In truth a decade can be any period of 10 years, so 1994 to 2003 was just as much a decade as 1990 to 1999 or 1991 to 2000.

What were women's rights like in the 1820s?

Better than you're mum in bed

Is this the correct spelling for 1980's?

Although we used to use apostrophes to indicate a series of years, the current convention is to drop the apostrophe and write a decade as a simple plural, like 1980s. The argument for changing this practice was that the added apostrophe created an incorrect possessive.

Can honey sour?

Honey can go bad, but it literally takes years. Like, more than a decade or two, for honey to go bad.

What were the 90's like?

The 1990's was an excellent decade. It was filled with infamous deaths, births, and of course it's public and private scandals. Let's start at the beginning of the decade and work through the 10 years of History. In 1990, an important decade for modern technology and the internet, [work in progress]

If a decade is 10 years century is 100 years What is the word for fifty years?

Apparently it's just called a "half-century." Disappointingly non-creative. Let's come up with a new word, like "cincade" or "toyotathon."

How do you write a simile with has behaved like?

"She has behaved like a twelve-year-old for the last twenty years."

What do you call a group of 5 years?

theres no formal term for it I think decade is the smallest (barring slang like nickel used to describe prison term)

How do you write numbers in apa format?

there is know way to write like that so shame im 60 years old you know

How many years are in a BC?

BC is not a fixed span of time like a decade or a century. It is a period which represents the time before Jesus Christ was born.

When does the new decade start?

According to the calendar, because there is no "0" year, the new decade just started January 1, 2011. Common use of the word decade, because we refer to the decade of the 80's or 90's, the new decade starts on January 1 of the decade that is being referred to. This is because it is illogical to say the decade of the 80's doesn't include 1980 but does include 1990. So, if you like the common use of the word decade, instead of the calendar use, the new decade will start on January 1, 2020.

How do you write I am thirteen years old in french?

You would say it like this: J'ai treize ans. Which literally translates to I have 13 years.

Command and conquer tfd?

command and conquer tfd or the first decade is simply all the cnc games from the first decade (the first ten years) of command and conquer like the much loved red alert 2 and tiberian sun

What will be the world like after 100 years write essay?

In 100 years the technology will be even more advanced. Most probably a lot of new cures for diseases like cancer will be discovered.

How would one convert 5 decades to months?

By multiplying by converstion factors. 1 decade = 10 years, and 1 year = 12 months. If it helps, you can set up a line and put dimensions which are equal to each other on top/bottom of the line. The line acts like the line in a fraction.10 years | 12 months | 5 decade |--------------------------------------------- = 600 months1 decade | 1 year

Prefix meaning ten?

the prefix of ten is dec like decade

What should you write in your moms birthday card?

Write: To Mom, Happy birthday, Thank you for your love and support over the years. For humour you could write that she is like a fine wine she gets better with age!

How do you write a goodbye letter to someone you do not like?

Write it like you do like them!

Anything that has to do with seven?

im doing a thing that i have to write like ex.) lasting seven years means:septimental.............

What caused tensions between the tejanos and american in texas in the late 1820s?

Americans did not like following the Mexican laws and dealing with documents that were spanish.

What was the US like in the 1950's?

Most people in the United States maintained conservative values during those years. It was the decade that preceded feminism, gay rights, and Black civil rights.

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