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A percent is a number relative to 100. Therefore, we want the number 100 in the ratio. In order to do that, we need to multiply BOTH numbers in the ratio by a number so that the second number of the new ratio is equal to 100. The first number of the new ratio is the percent.

For example:

4:5 = [4*20]:[5*20] = 80:100 = 80%

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Q: How do you write a ratio as a percent?
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How do you write ratio of 80 percent and 20 percent?


How do you write 2.2 percent as a ratio?


How do you write 124 percent as a ratio?

124 : 100

How do you write a ratio 39 over 100 as an percent?

0.39 or 39%

How do you write 15 percent as a ratio?

15:100 or 1: 6.7 (approximate)

Write 60 percent as a ratio?


What if your class has 8 women and 19 men Write the number of women to men as a ratio and as a quotient What percent of the class are women?

the ratio 8:19 and the qoutient is 2 and the percent is 30

How do you write ratio comparing A40229000 in 2010 and B88458000 a projected number in 2050?

Find Ratio A to B. Find Ratio B to A. Complete sentence: A is percent of B.

11 2 over 7 out of 100 for write each ratio as a percent?

16 to 68

A percent is a ratio of a number to WHAT?

A percent is a ratio of a number to 100.

Write the percent as a ratio and a fraction - 25?

A ratio could be: 1:4 A fraction could be 25/100,5/20, or 1/4.

How do you do percent into ratio?

Any number of percent is the ratio of that number to 100.

What is 4 percent as a ratio strength?

The ratio is 1:25 4 percent as a ratio is 0.04 : 1

How do you write 0.9 percent as a ratio?

0.9% = 0.9/100 = 9/1000

Write a ratio to express the number of people who preferred wanr 22 percent to those who preferred wclm 24 percent?

One possible answer is 22:24.

Is a percent equal to a ratio?

No it is not equal to a ratio.

24 percent and 22 percent to ratio?

ratio: 24% : 22% = 12 : 11

What is 68 percent as a ratio?

68 percent as a ratio is 68/100 or 17/25.

What is the ratio of 70 percent to 30 percent?

ratio = 70% : 30 % = 7 : 3

How is a percent related to a ratio other than because there are all numbers?

A percent IS a ratio where the denominator (or second part of the ratio) is 100.

How do you write a ratio or a fraction as a percent?

well, to convert a fraction as a percent divide the top number by the bottom number,then multiply the result by 100and add the percentage sign (%)

22 percent and 24 percent turned into a ratio?

ratio : 22% : 24% = 11 : 12

How do you write 70 percent of 80 as a ratio?

70% of 80 = 80*70/100 = 56/100 or 14/25

How do you calculate a ratio from a percent?

Formula to calculate the ratio

What 100 percent is the ratio of?

It is the ratio of the whole; of 1.