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One possible answer is 22:24.

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Q: Write a ratio to express the number of people who preferred wanr 22 percent to those who preferred wclm 24 percent?
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Numbers that can be expressed as a ratio are called?

Rational numbers. write a ratio to express the number of people who preferred wanr to those who preferred wclm

Ratio to express of people who preferred wanr to those wclm?


How many more of 100 people preferred wwcn 41 percent than wanr 22 percent?

19 people did.

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Difference is 19% of 400, ie 76.

If 400 people were surveyed and 13 percent went with wkod and 24 percent went with wclm and 22 percent went with wanr and 41 percent went with wwcn then how many people perferred wclm?

0.24 x 400 = 96 people how many more people preferred wwcn than wanr

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