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enter a value "x", press the "^" key, then enter the value you want to raise "x" to, "y". the calculator should show X^Y, for whatever you substituted. hit enter.

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Q: How do you write an exponent on a calculator?
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Where is the negative exponent key on a calculator?

negative 4 with negative 3 as an exponent

Where is the exponent key on a scientific calculator?

On scientific calculators, the exponent key is usually [^] , [yx] , or [exp] .

Where is the exponent key on a TI 30XA calculator?


How do you enter an exponent on Texas Instruments TI-30xIIS calculator?

Texas Instruments TI-30xIIS calculator?

What button on the calculator is the exponent button?

On a graphing calculator, it is the one that looks like an upside down V.

How do you type negative exponents into a calculator?

If your calculator is advanced, like the TI-84, there is an exponent button you can hit. Then, just Type negative and the exponent. If it is a simpler calculator, like a four-function calculator, there IS a way. By raising a number to a negative exponent, you are saying that one is being divided by that number to the positive version of that power. Ex: 5^-8 = 1/(5^8). To do this, divide one by the base, then raise it to the exponent, making sure that the exponent is POSITIVE. Also be careful that the entire denominator is in parentheses, just in case.

How do you find the answer of a question that has a big exponent?

You would use a scientific calculator.

Where is the exponent key on a TI-30XA calculator?

Hit the EE button on the calculator, and two zeros pop up on the right side of the screen. You then can type any one or two digit number as your exponent.

How do you write 1296 as a Exponent?


How do you write exponent in laptop?

To write an exponent on a laptop you would use the "^" key. For example, "3^2" would be "three squared."

Who you write 9 cubes in exponent form?

9 cubes in exponent form = 93

Where is the exponent key on a calculator?

It is the upwards arrow, it is the same symbol on the "6" key of your keyboard.