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7 tens and 4 ones 5 thousandths = 74.005

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What is thousandths

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Q: How do you write numbers 7 tens and 4 ones 5 thousandths?
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How do you write numbers 2 hundreds 3 tens 2 ones 1 tenth and 7 thousandths?


How do you write 5 thousandths 4 ones and 7 tens?


How do you write the value for each digit in the number 1.639?

ones- 1, tens- 6, hundreds- 3, thousandths- 9

How do you write value for each digit in the number 1.639?

ones- 1, tens- 6, hundreds- 3, thousandths- 9

How do you write fourteen and fourteen and ten thousandths inches?

nvm, 0.0001 = tens thousandths

How do you write 6 ones and 11 tens?

6 ones and 5 tens

How do you write 66 tens 18 ones 9 hundredths in decimal?

See the table is here::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::; Hundreds :::::::Tens:::::::::Ones:::::::::Tenths::::::::hundredths:::::::thousandths You write it as : 678.09 You multiply the 66 by ten and 18 by One and 9 is divided by 100. Then all are added up.

How do you write 47.034 in expanded form?

4 tens and 7 ones and zero tenths and 3 one hundredths and 4 one thousandths.

How do you write 3 tens and 25 thousandths as a decimal?


What are the names of the four values in 0.604?

ones tens hundredths thousandths

How do you write 78 tens in numbers?

78 tens

What place value is 40.23210?

The place value is as followed:4 - Tenths0 - Ones. - Decimal2 - Tenths3 - Hundredths2 - Thousandths1 - Ten Thousandths0 - Hundred ThousandthsSo the whole numbers are in the tens and ones place value, and .23210 is in the tenths - hundred thousandths place value.

How do you write 6 hundredths 3 hundreds tens 0 tents 5 thousandths 5 thousands and 3 ones in decimal?

53x3.065 Replace the "x" with how many tens there are.

How do you write 14 tens in numbers?

The quantity 14 tens is equal to 14(10) = 140.

How do you write 13 tens and no ones?

you write it like this:13.0 because even though there's a number in the ones spot since there is a number in the tens spot it makes it 13 tens

What is the least place value of 0.24?


Write in numbers 1 hundred thousand 4 tens 3 ones 3 thousand and 7 hundred?


How do you write the number 427 as groups of tens and ones only?

427 = 42 tens, plus 7 ones

What are the place values name in 30120.27345?

From left to right: ten thousands, thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, tenths, hundreds, thousandths, ten-thousandths, hundred-thousandths

What is the place of the 8 in 851.7609?

The 8 is in the hundreds As for the other numbers... 5- tens place 1- ones place 7-tenth place 6-hundredth place 0- thousandths place 9-ten thousandths place

What is another way to write 3 tens and 16 ones?

3 tens and 16 ones = 463 tens = 3016 ones = 1630 + 16 = 46

How far does place value go?

Place value does not end, just like numbers. There are ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, and in the opposite direction there are tenths, hundredths, thousandths, etc.

How do you write four tens and four ones?


You have fewer ones than tens. the value of your tens is 30. what two numbers can i be?

You either have one or two ones.

How do you write 648 thousandths?

The thousandths place is 3 after the decimal place. That is, 1 thousandth would be 0.001 To write any number of thousandths, you put the unit of that number in the thousandths place, the tens of the number in the tenths place, and so on. In this case, we want to write 648 thousandths, so that would be written as 0.648