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==> 7/4

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Q: How do you write one and three-fourths as an improper fraction?
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Write four and one third as an improper fraction?

four and one third as an improper fraction = 13/3

How do you write 4 and one third as an improper fraction?

4 1/3 as an improper fraction = 13/3

How do you write the fraction nine and one fifth as an improper fraction?


A fraction whose value is one or more?

A fraction whose value is one or more is called an improper fraction, or a mixed fraction, depending on how you write it. For example one-and-a-half can be written as 1 1/2 - this is a mixed fraction. If you write it as 3/2, it is called an improper fraction.

How would you write one and eight-tenths as an improper fraction?


How do you write five and one half as an improper fraction with the denominator six?


How do you write one half and four fifths as an improper fraction?

One half and four fifths can't be written as improper fractions.

How would you write 0.425 as an improper fraction?

It can't be one. Improper fractions are greater than 1.

How do you write 3 and one three thirds as an improper fraction?

3 and one three third as an improper fraction = 10/33 1/3:= [(3 * 3)+1]/3= [9+1]/3= 10/3 in improper fraction

Wrote 3 1 2 as an improper fraction in three ways?

You can only write 3 1/2 as an improper fraction one way. The improper fraction for 3 1/2 would be 3 16/15.

Why is an improper fraction greater than one?

That's by the way "improper fraction" is defined. An improper fraction is a number greater than one, written as a single fraction.

How do you write 12.09 as a FRACTION?

12.09 =1209/100 as an improper fraction , or 12 and 9 one-hundredths as a mixed number

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