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First of all you need to know this! Okay, you write the proportion in 3 way ; in word form as 4 to 10 or fractional form as 4\10 or you write it with : that sign like 4:10

Its that simple

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How do you write proportions?
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What is to enlarge or alter something beyond normal proportions?

write you answer? ;)

When evaluating proportions we write the ratios in fractional form and then we?

Move on to the next task.

Can you write a sentence with the word epidemic?

The virus has hit epidemic proportions, in just two weeks.

What kind of proportions does a compound consist of?

The stoichiometry is governed by the laws of definite proportions and multiple proportions.

What is similar about scale factor and proportions?

proportions are used in scale factors; scale factors ARE proportions

What is the definition of different proportions?

Proportions of differing proportionality

How do you name the cross products of proportions?

They are other proportions.

What are HD video proportions?

HD video proportions are 1024x720 :)

State the law of definite proportions?

The law of definite proportions states that all chemical compounds have constant proportions of their components.

How is the law of multiple proportions different from the law of definite proportions?

The law of definite proportions only applies to one element,but the law of multiple proportions applies to more than one.

What can you use to measure proportions?

you can use scale model to measure proportions

How do you apply law of constant proportions?

the law of constant proportions can be described as:all samples of a compound have the same composition or the same proportions by mass.

Where can you find proportions?

See related link below to find help on proportions

How can proportions be used in a sentence?

They made sure the profits were divided in the correct proportions.

How do you figure out proportions?

you use cross proportions. Ex: X 3 __________ = _______ 15 5 1. write the cross products 2. Multiply 5x=45 3. Think: What number times 5 equals 45? your answer is 9 OTHER: X=9

When was the law of definite proportions developed?

The law of definite proportions was developed by Joseph Proust in 1806.

How do proportions work?

proportions are used in calculations to help in the division of parts into units for effective distribution.

Who was credited with proposing the law of definite proportions?

who is credited with proposing the law of definite proportions? omg

Are proportions used in real life?

Proportions are used in real life to determine prices of things.

Why do triangles have different proportions?

they have different proportions because one is bigger than the other one

Are the proportions of a mixture fixed?


Why were proportions invented?


Do proportions have the same number?


Can proportions have variables?

Yes, they can.

What states that compounds contain two or more atoms combined in fixed proportions?

The law of definite proportions.