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7(squared) or 7(sq)

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How do you write A squared?

we can write it as "a2"

How do you write meters squared?

Meters squared can be expressed as m2.

How do you write a number squared in word 2007?

If you want to show four squared, write the two as a superscript like this: 42

How do you write square on a word from keyboard?

Unfortunately you cannot writ a sq. root symbol on the computer, so you could just say 'squared.'

How do you do squared after a number?

Write the number 2 in superscript (that is, a small number to the upper right). If you're trying to do it by computer and you don't have the option to use superscript, the standard is to put a caret and then a 2. Here's an example of how to write 5 squared: 5^2 Incidentally, this is the same way you write a number to any other power.

How do you write 1 meter squared in maths?

You write it as 1m2

How do you write seven squared?


How do you write 2 squared?


How do you write 0.3 squared?


Can you write 7 squared as a decimal?

Seven squared is 49, or 49.0 in decimal form.

Write 100 as a power?

10 squared

How do you write 12 squared in exponential from?


How do you write 9 squared in expanded form?

9 squared (or 92) = 9 x 9

How do you write 32 squared?

32 squared is 32 x 32 or 32^2 or 1,024.

How do you write 4 squared?

You can write 4 squared by writing a 2 in superscript after the number 4. (42) If you can't use superscript because you're using a computer program that does not allow it writing 4^2 would be an acceptable substitute. In Microsoft word you can activate superscript by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Equals

How do you write the standard notation for 5 squared?

The standard notation of 5 squared (5x5 or 52) is 25

What is the size of a hybrid computer?

1000000000 km squared

How do you write eleven squared in exponential form?


How do you write 7 squared in expanded form?


How do you write negative 7 squared?


How do you write 11 squared in expanded form?


How To Write P squared in Algebraic Expression?


How do you write 6 squared in algebraic form?


How do you write meter square?

You write meter squared, or square meter, this way: m2 .

How do you write 4 squared divided by 2?