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For example: three hundred and forty five minus six hundred and forty two equals three hundred and three. thats how u write it in words

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Q: How do you write subtraction problems in words?
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What Words used in story problems mean subtraction?

less then, count back and more

What should a kindergarten kid know?

A kindergarten student should know their ABC's, simple words (a, i, it, and, the), and basic addition and subtraction problems.

What operation do the words decreased by suggest?

The words "decreased by" suggest the operation of subtraction.

Write the equation for the sublimation of ammonium chloride?

mesured mass-mass by subtraction/mass by subtraction * 100%

How do you spell subtraction?

If you mean "spell" as meaning "to name or write letters of any word," then it's Subtraction.

Why should you keep your attention focused on your work when you solve addition and subtraction problems?

you should keep your attention focused on your work when you solve addition and subtraction problems because you might get confused

What are words used to describe subtraction?

There are several words used to indicate subtraction. Minus, deducted, subtracted from, decreased by, less than.

What are the parts to a subtraction problems?

minuend, subtrahend and difference

How do you solve integer subtraction problems?

It depends on the problem. An integer subtraction can be one number, take away another number.

What types of problems can be solved using LCM?

Problems involving the addition and subtraction of unlike fractions.

What are the different kinds of problems in math?

there are multiplication, subtraction, addition, and division!

What words that describe subtraction?

tske away!!??

What are some other words for minus?


Can commutative be solved by addition subtraction and multipication problems?

Commutativity is a property of some mathematical operations - such as addition or multiplication of real numbers, but not subtraction. It cannot be "solved".

How can you solve problems involving multiplication division addition subtraction?

By doing the arithmetic.

How to write two related subtraction sentences?


You are having problems with reading When you read you will see the words backwards or other words that are not even written you do not write funny but you see the words funny you have 20 20 and confu?


How many key words in subtraction?

The word 'subtraction' is the noun form of the verb to subtract, a word meaning to take away. The noun 'subtraction' is a word for the process of taking a part away from the whole.

Other words for subtraction?

minus, deduct,diminish

What are some other words from multiply in math?

Other words are: division, subtraction, and addition.

Why should you keep your attention focused on your work when solve addition and subtraction problems?

You should keep your attention focused on your work at all times - not just when working with addition or subtraction!

How are addition properties and subtraction rules helpful when solving problems?

I need help, Please help me and others out

What are some problems for kids having with math?

Place value,subtraction,division,etc.Probably

How do you write an equivalent addition expression for a subtraction expression?

30 -5 =x

Write an equation with one variable and a subtraction operation?

2x - 17 = 35