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98.47 = hundredths
98.047 = thousandths
98.0047 = ten thousandths
98.00047 = hundred thousandths

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Q: How do you write the ninety eight and forty-seven hundredthousandths in decimal number?
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Ninety-seven hundredths as a decimal number.?

It is 0.97

How do you show number fortyseven in ASCII?

47 in BCD & ASCII

How do you write ninety two hundredths as a decimal?

ninety-two hundredths as a decimal number.

How do you write in decimal number in words 0.495?

Four hundred ninety five thousandths.

How do you write ninety-six and six thousand four ten-thousandths as a decimal number?


How do you write this number in decimal eight hundred ninety-six and four hundred seven thousandths?


How do you do three hundred seventy-two and two hundred ninety-six thousandths into a decimal number?


How do you write the decimal number in words 9.6097?

Nine and six thousand ninety-seven ten-thousandths.

Write the decimal number in standard form ninety-seven ten-thousandths?

It is 9.7*10-3.

How do you spell 29.99?

$29.99 is spelled like this: twenty nine dollars and ninety nine cents. 29.99 as a whole number and decimal would be: twenty nine point ninety nine or twenty nine and ninety nine hundredths.

What is four hundred and ninety seven thousandths in decimal form?

400.097The question is ambiguous as it could either be the answer above or0.497Actually the first answer is correct. The written out numbers after 'and' is the decimal portion and the ones before 'and' is the whole number.0.497 would just be four hundred ninety-seven thousandths

How do you spell 1597.00?

The decimal number 1597.00 is "one thousand, five hundred ninety-seven" (and no hundredths). The US currency value would be "one thousand, five hundred ninety-seven dollars (and no cents)."